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Rubricator / / Medicine. Public Health / Hospitals and Clinics
Botkin Memorial Hospital For Infectious Diseases

BOTKIN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES, city hospital number 30 (3/4 Mirgorodskaya Street) founded on the initiative Professor Y.P. Chudnovsky in 1882 as the Alexandrovskaya Municipal Barracks Hospital with 300 beds

Geriatric Medical-Social Centre, Municipal

GERIATRIC MEDICAL-SOCIAL CENTRE, MUNICIPAL (148 Fontanka River Embankment) was the first institution of its kind in Russia. It was founded in 1994, moving to its present location in 1996

Hospitals (common)

HOSPITALS. The first hospital in St. Petersburg, the Kalinkinsky Hospital was founded as a police-correctional institution for "indecent women and girls" (1762)

Mariinskaya Municipal Hospital

MARIINSKAYA Municipal Hospital (56 Liteiny Avenue) was founded in 1803 as a hospital for the poor. Before 1805 it was in the building of the Correctional House near the Kalinkin Bridge

Maximilianovskaya City Hospital

MAXIMILIANOVSKAYA CITY HOSPITAL No. 28 (1-3 Dekabristov Street) was founded in 1850 with the funding of private donations as St. Lazarus Clinic, intended for incoming patients of both sexes. It was located in the house of architect A.K

Nikolaevskaya Children’s Hospital

NIKOLAEVSKAYA CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL (13 Chapygina Street) was the first children’s hospital in Russia. It was opened in 1834 with the aid of private donations on Ekaterininsky Canal near the Alarchin Bridge; in 1842 it was relocated to a reconstructed

Obukhovskaya Hospital

OBUKHOVSKAYA HOSPITAL (106 Fontanka Embankment) was founded in 1779; originally it had 60 beds and included "Dolgauz,” the first psychiatric institution in the city. It was named after Obukhovsky Avenue and Bridge

Peter The Great Clinical Hospital

PETER THE GREAT CLINICAL HOSPITAL (47 Piskarevsky Avenue), general hospital under federal administration. The decision to build the hospital in honour of the 200th anniversary of the city was adopted in 1903

Pirogov Memorial General Clinic

PIROGOV MEMORIAL GENERAL CLINIC (51 Bolshoy Avenue, Vasilievsky Island) medical institution and limited company. It was opened in 1999 and carries out a wide number of surgical operations - from plastic surgery to the most difficult cavitary surgery

Psychiatrical Hospital for Peculiar Cases

PSYCHIATRICAL HOSPITAL FOR PECULIAR CASES was created in 1951 as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was housed in the building of the former women’s prison (9 Arsenalnaya Street)

Rauchfus Children’s Hospital

RAUCHFUS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL (before 1918 Prince Oldenburg's Children’s Hospital) (8 Ligovsky Avenue), was built in 1869 (architect A.K. Cavos) on the initiative of the Prince P.G. Oldenburg (hence the hospital's original name) and paediatrician K

St. Nicholas Psychiatric Hospital

ST. NICHOLAS PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL (126 Moika River Embankment). The predecessor of the hospital was the Temporary Clinic for the Insane of the Correctional Institute (1865) which was housed in the building of the prison (1840, the architect L.I