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Union of Architects

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UNION OF ARCHITECTS, St. Petersburg Branch (52 Bolshaya Morskaya Street), creative association of architects, formed in 1932-33 (the statute was ratified in 1937, to be changed repeatedly). The first president was architect M. Khadzhy-Kosumov and then the post was occupied by architects A.S. Nikolsky, A.I. Gegello, A.I. Naumov, G.N. Buldakov, and others. The union has approximately 2,000 members (2002). The St. Petersburg Branch of the Union of Architects has about 30 permanent commissions and topical councils functioning. Since 1934, the department was situated in the House of Architects (see Polovtsev's House), where creative exhibitions of St. Petersburg architects, lectures, meetings with architectural masters, and scientific conferences are held.

A. A. Alexeev.

Buldakov Gennady Nikanorovich
Gegello Alexander Ivanovich
Khadzhi-Kasumov Mussabek
Naumov Alexander Ivanovich
Nikolsky Alexander Sergeevich

Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 52

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Polovtsov, House of

Denisov Y.M. (1925-2001), Historian of Architecture, Regional Ethnographer

DENISOV Yury Mikhailovich (1925, Leningrad - 2001, St. Petersburg), art historian. Graduated from the Faculty of Art Theory and Art History of the I. E. Repin Institute (1950)