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MAYOR, the elected head of the municipal government bodies in the second half of the 18th - early 20th centuries. The position was founded in 1766, mayor was elected for 2 years from landowners over 30 years old, and charged with the duty of conveying higher authorities' instructions to the Head Magistrate. After the issue of Cities Letter of Grant (1785), the mayor was appointed a chairman of the General city duma, since 1870, chairman of the City Duma and City Administrative Board (since 1892 mayor was considered to be in the civil service). Mayor was elected by the Duma for 4 years (for 6 years as of 1903); he held the sittings of the Duma, controlled compliance to its decrees. Mayor was to report on Duma actions to the civil governor and the head of the city administration. In September of 1918, the office of mayor was abolished.

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