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Housing and Communal Services (entry)

HOUSING AND COMMUNAL SERVICES. A branch of municipal services designed to meet citizens' domestic needs, unifying housing services with water, heat, gas, power supply and sewage infrastructure

Public Lavatory

PUBLIC LAVATORY. Since the early 18th century, primitive latrines were arranged on the territory of gostiny dvors, markets, ports, and along river and canal banks

Sewage Water Treatment

SEWAGE WATER TREATMENT. There are five enterprises within the St. Petersburg Vodokanal dealing with sewage disposal (the North and South Drainage systems, and the Southwestern, Sestroretsk and Kolpino Vodokanal companies)

Sewerage System

SEWERAGE SYSTEM, wastewater treatment facilities. In the first quarter of the 18th century as the city territory grew, it was drained, and the system for discharge of surface water was built in the shape of plank-secured ditches along the city

Water Supply Services

WATER SUPPLY SERVICES. Since the very foundation of St. Petersburg the majority of the city population had provided their water supply on their own from the nearest water bodies; the residents of places located far from rivers and canals used the

Zoning (entry)

ZONING, division of the city territory into separate parts with the purpose of separate government or assigning different purposes to each zone according to some criterion. There are over 50 different variants of state and sectoral zoning in St