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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1976 - 2010

A factory for producing blades and safety razors Gillett (the International Investment Project for $ 35,000,000) was opened.

The Children's Village cottages in Sadovaya Street (Gummolosari) for children, which have become without parents' care, were opened with the help of the international charity organization "SOS Kinderdorf International" and the Russian Committee "Children's Village - SOS".

17 June. The religious service for the commemoration of the deceased people during World War I was performed,on the Trinity Memorial Saturday, on the place of the church at the Communal cemetery and a Holy Memorial Cross was erected.

June. Anatoly Ivanivich Kubasov, the president of the Join Stock Company "The Pushkin Town Machine-Building Plant" since 1986 (the plant was founded in 1919) , was conferred the title "Honorary Citizen of Pushkin Town". In 1999 A.I. Kubasov was awarded the Order "For Service for the Fatherland" for the personal contribution to production highly productive machines for transport builders.

Pushkin Town was awarded the Honorary Flag of the Europe Council.

The Join Stock Company "Tsarskoye Selo Power Company" made works on lighting Peterburg Road, the main entrance road to the town.

Kubasov, Anatoly Ivanovich