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The subject index / Mozhaysky Military Space Engineering Academy

Mozhaysky Military Space Engineering Academy

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MOZHAYSKY MILITARY SPACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY (MSEA) (13 Zhdanovskaya Embankment), higher military educational institution. It prepares engineers and scientists. It was created in 1941 on the basis of the Leningrad Civil Air Fleet Engineering Institute as the Leningrad Aerospace Forces Academy. From August 1941 to May 1945, it had been in evacuation in Ioshkar Ola. In 1946, it was renamed the Military Engineering Academy (in 1955 it was named after A.F. Mozhaysky), in 1974 - the Military Engineering Institute, in 1994 - the Aerospace Forces Academy (in 1999, it was reorganised into MSEA). The preparation of students in space specialities has been conducted from 1959. MSEA is situated in the buildings of the former Second Cadet Corps.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Mozhaysky Alexander Fedorovich

Zhdanovskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 13

История Санкт-Петербургского высшего военно-топографического командного Краснознаменного ордена Красной Звезды училища имени генерала армии Антонова А. И. (1822-1997). СПб., 1997


Barracks of the Third Life Guard Rifle His Emperor Majesty Regiment

The architectural ensemble of barracks of the Third Life Guard His Emperor Majesty Regiment was built in 1914-1916 to the design of the architect V.A. Pokrovsky
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

Krasnogo Kursanta Street

KRASNOGO KURSANTA STREET (until 1923, Bolshaya Spasskaya Street), located between Bolshoy Avenue of the Petrogradskaya Side and Novoladozhskaya Street. Appeared in the 1720s, in what was then the Nevsky Garrison Regiment settlement (until 1727

Linnik Y.V. (1914/15-1972), physicist

LINNIK Yury Vladimirovich (1915-72, Leningrad), mathematician, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1964), Hero of Socialist Labour (1969). The son of V.P. Linnik

Maneges (general article)

MANEGES, or riding-schools, (exerzirehaus), buildings with a large interior space, intended for troop drill exercises and cavalry dressage in fall and winter. Maneges were built in St

Mozhaysky А.F. (1825-1890), constructor

MOZHAYSKY Alexander Fedorovich (1825-1890, St. Petersburg), inventor, creator of an aircraft heavier than the air, Rear-Admiral. (1886). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1841)

Petrogradsky District

PETROGRADSKY DISTRICT, an administrative and territorial unit of St. Petersburg, with its administration located at 19 Bolshaya Monetnaya Street. The district was formed in 1917, and in 1936 the Primorsky District was separated from its territory


SOFIA, the historical name of the town of Pushkin to the south of Catherine Park, between Pavlovskoe Freeway and Krasnoselskoe Freeway. It was founded in 1785 by Empress Catherine II as a chief town of the district. In 1782-88, St

The Obelisk in Commemoration of Graduates

The Obelisk in commemoration of graduates of the Pushkin Radio Engineering Academy of the Air Defense Forces (currently the Military Institute of Combat Support Systems and Facilities of the A.F

Zhdanovskaya Street and Embankment

ZHDANOVSKAYA EMBANKMENT, running from Bolshoy Avenue of the Petrogradskaya Side to Novoladozhskaya Street. The embankment was formed in the 18th century as a passage along the right bank of the Zhdanovka River