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Bronze Horseman

BRONZE HORSEMAN, the popular name of the monument to Emperor Peter the Great on Dekabristov Square. Originated from Alexander Pushkin's poem of the same name (1833); one of the best known Russian monuments and world monumental sculptures

Coat of Arms, St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG COAT OF ARMS, an officially approved heraldic emblem. The first known St. Petersburg coat of arms was on the banner of the St. Petersburg Regiment (1712), and showed a heart on the princely mantle beneath a princely crown

Commemorative badge To the Residents of Besieged Leningrad

TO THE RESIDENTS OF BESIEGED LENINGRAD, a commemorative medal, instituted by the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Soviet of 23 January 1989. The decoration was conferred upon those people who lived in Leningrad during the siege of 1941-44 for

Decorations of Leningrad

THE DECORATIONS OF LENINGRAD, orders conferred upon the city as a token in recognition of its services and achievements. Awards received by Leningrad include the Order of the Red Banner (awarded on 5 December 1919

Medal, Defence of Leningrad.

DEFENCE OF LENINGRAD, a medal and a state award of the USSR, instituted on 22 December 1941. The round medal is made of brass, and measures 32 millimetres in diameter

Medal, In Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of Leningrad

IN COMMEMORATION of the 250th ANNIVERSARY of LENINGRAD, a state award of the USSR. Instituted according to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR's Decree of 16 May 1957, and awarded to the recipients of the Defence of Leningrad medal

St. Petersburg Flag

ST. PETERSBURG FLAG, one of the official symbols of St. Petersburg. Instituted in 1990 according to a decree by the Leningrad Soviet, then put onto the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation (under № 64)

St. Petersburg Myth

ST. PETERSBURG MYTH, a cultural term used for to designate the totality of legends and tales connected with the origin of St. Petersburg and the city's image in people's consciousness and art. The St

St. Petersburg Province Coat of Arms

ST. PETERSBURG PROVINCE COAT OF ARMS, an officially approved heraldic emblem. The coat of arms was ratified on 5 July 1878, according to the following description: "the dark red field of the escutcheon features a golden sceptre on two silver anchors

Symbols of St. Petersburg

THE SYMBOLS OF ST. PETERSBURG, works of art associated with St. Petersburg in the mass consciousness. The best known visual symbols include the weathercocks on the steeples of the SS