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About the Project

Encyclopaedia of St. Petersburg

The Encyclopaedia of St. Petersburg is a unique reference book about the city, devoted to 300 year jubilee of St. Petersburg. The majority of the material on this site was prepared for the book version of the encyclopaedia, which was published in 2004 by ROSSPEN Publishing House.

The encyclopaedia is of a humanitarian nature, focusing on culture, science and education.

The encyclopaedia has approximately 3,500 entries. This is a historical reference of the city, its suburbs, streets, avenues, embankments and squares. Articles concerning recently developed regions of St. Petersburg are provided with maps marking the most significant objects. A vast amount of material focuses on municipal administration and economy. Hundreds of articles are devoted to particular architectural monuments, fundamentally important economic enterprises, educational institutions, archives, libraries, theatres, scientific-research institutions, various political and social organizations, religious life, etc. More than 1,300 entries are biographical, about famous people, whose lives are bound to the city on the Neva River. The majority of the entries are accompanied by short bibliographies. The encyclopaedia includes more than 1,600 illustrations and maps.

Over 150 leading specialists on the history of St. Petersburg were involved in writing the encyclopaedia.

The Likhachev Foundation was responsible for the organisation of the encyclopaedia and its publication in both book and electronic formats. The programming and technological system for the internet site was developed by Alt-Soft.Information and Communication Technology. Preparation of articles and indices was performed by The Charitable Foundation for the Renaissance of St. Petersburg-Leningrad. The translation of the encyclopaedia into English was conducted by Ego Translating.

Project Director

Alexander Kobak


Project Manager

Oleg Leikind


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Editor in Chief

Alexander Margolis


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Director for the Software and Technologies

Peter Grinfield


Manager for the Software and Technologies

Tatiana Mersadykova


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Editor in Chief of the English Translation

Peter Campbell


Manager for the English Translation

Tatyana Spitsyna


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Vladimir Urzhumtsev