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Academic Printing House (see Science, Printing House)

ACADEMIC PRINTING HOUSE (12/28 Ninth Line of Vasilievsky Island) is one of the oldest printing houses of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the country. It was founded in 1727. Publications of the printing house include works by M. V. Lomonosov, L

Admiralty Dockyards

ADMIRALTY DOCKYARDS (203 Fontanka Embankment) is a State shipbuilding enterprise. It leads its history from the foundation of the Admiralty Dockyard in 1704. In 1800 some of the workshops were transported to Admiralteisky Island situated downstream

Admiralty Shipyard

ADMIRALTY SHIPYARD, the first ship-building enterprise in St. Petersburg lay down on the left bank of the Bolshaya Neva on 5 November 1704 at the same time as the Admiralty, with chief commandant Y. V. Bruce as the construction manager

Baltic Shipyard and Machine-Building Plant

BALTIC SHIPYARD AND MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT (16 Kosaya Line), open joint-stock company, one of the biggest ship and machine building enterprises of Russia. It was founded in 1856 by M. E. Karr, a merchant and M. L. McPherson, an engineer


BREWERIES, intensively developing enterprises, making up a significant share of St. Petersburg industry. It was in the early 18th century that Peter the Great decreed to open breweries in St. Petersburg for the needs of the fleet and hospitals

Confectioneries (entry)

CONFECTIONERIES. Mass production of confections began in St. Petersburg in the middle of the 19th century. In 1914 there were 20 confectioneries producing both traditional Russian delicacies (spice-cakes, pastila

Curtain and Lace Company

CURTAIN AND LACE COMPANY (25 Chapaeva Street), an open joint-stock company, the largest national enterprise manufacturing curtain cloth, lace, and lacery. Founded in 1837 as the St

Electric Apparatus Plant

ELECTRIC APPARATUS PLANT (3-7, Twenty-Fourth Line of Vasilievsky Island) is an open joint-stock company, the first plant in the country for design and production of machinery for electric power stations (including nuclear power stations) and power

Elektrosila Plant

ELEKTROSILA (139 Moskovsky Prospect), an open joint-stock company from 1992, the largest power engineering plant in Russia. Founded in 1898, it was a unit of Siemens-Galske Company, situated at 34 First Line, Vasilievsky Island

Engraving Chamber

ENGRAVING CHAMBER was an engraving workshop, a section of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences of Russia which made engravings mainly for publishing houses, including book illustrations, scientific illustrations and tables

Faberge Company

FABERGE COMPANY is a jewelry company, founded in 1842 by Gustav Faberge, master of diamond business (1814-94). The Company was located at Bolshaya Morskaya Street; before 1854 at No.11; in 1854-1900 at No.16; and from 1900 – at No

Factories of Musical Instruments

FACTORIES OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. The musical instruments industry sprang up in St. Petersburg in the early 18th century and there were as many as 17 factories of musical instruments in the early 20th century

Farmakon Factory

FARMAKON (18 Tsvetochnaya Street) is an open joint-stock company (from 1992), the largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the region. It was established in 1907 as a factory of pharmaceutical and chemical products, Farmakon joint-stock company

Foil Rolling Plant

FOIL ROLLING PLANT (1 Perevoznaya Street), an open joint-stock company from 1992, the only aluminium foil manufacturer in European Russia. It was founded by K. N

Foundry Yard

FOUNDRY YARD (Liteiny Dvor) (Cannon Foundry Yard), one of the first industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg. It was founded in 1711 on the left bank of the Neva River (at the present-day location of Liteiny Bridge)

Galley Yard

GALLEY YARD, founded in 1712 as Scampavia Yard at the mouth of and on the right bank of the Moika River (near the present-day Galernaya Street) it was renamed Galley Yard in 1713

Goznaka Paper Factory

GOZNAKA PAPER FACTORY (144a Fontanka River Embankment) is a leading company of high-quality paper production by order of the Central Bank of Russian Federation mostly for printing banknotes and securities

Handicraft (overview)

HANDICRAFT, an important part of St. Petersburg economy in the 18th to the early 20th centuries, started developing soon after the city was founded as craftsmen were coming here from various handicraft centres of the country

Heating plants (general article)

HEATING PLANTS (heat electric power plants) are stations generating electricity and providing heat and hot running water to businesses and residential houses. The first attempts of a comprehensive approach to the problem of generating electricity

Industrial Exhibitions (entry)

INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITIONS, organised by the government from the 1820s, intended to boost the national industry, interior and foreign trade, under the jurisdiction of the Trade and Manufactory Department of the Ministry of Finance

Industry (entry)

INDUSTRY was one of the most important parts of the economy of St. Petersburg, developing concurrently with the city and growing along. Due to the country’s foreign policy and geography

Ivan Fedorov

IVAN FEDOROV (11 Zvenigorodskaya Street), an open joint-stock company from 1993. It originated from the printing house of R. Golike and A. Vilborg’s Partnership founded in 1902

Izhora Plants

IZHORA PLANTS (1 Lenina Avenue, Kolpino), an open joint-stock company, which was founded in 1992. It originated from the Menshikov Izhora Sawmill, built in the early 18th century at the Izhora River

Karl Marx Machine-Building Association (formerly Novy Lessner)

KARL MARX MACHINE-BUILDING ASSOCIATION (66 Bolshoy Sampsonyevsky Avenue), open joint-stock company (since 1992), enterprise producing equipment for artificial fibre and tillage tools production

Kirov Spinning and Filar Factory

KIROV SPINNING AND FILAR FACTORY (15/9 Krasnykh Textilshchikov Street) is an open joint-stock company, the largest factory in the country producing sewing threads, and the only factory producing threads for knitting and embroidery

Kirovsky Plant

KIROVSKY PLANT (47 Stachek Avenue), a joint-stock company, an enterprise manufacturing a comprehensive range of metallurgy and machinery products; one of the biggest in Russia

Kornilovsky Porcelain Plant

KORNILOVSKY PORCELAIN PLANT (59 Polyustrovsky Avenue), a public joint-stock company, producer of high-quality electrical products. Founded in 1835 by M.V. Kornilova, widow of a merchant involved in the crockery trade

Kozitsky Factory

KOZITSKY FACTORY (70, Fifth Line of Vasilievsky Island), a closed joint-stock company (from 1993) is the largest enterprise of the region making and servicing TV sets of the new generation

Krasnaya Zarya, plant

KRASNAYA ZARYA (60 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue), open joint-stock company, for many years was one of the leading companies in the area of development and production of telephone equipment

Krasnoe Znamya, factory

KRASNOE ZNAMYA (25 Krasnogo Kursanta Street), open joint-stock company, enterprise manufacturing knitted goods. It was founded in 1855 by French merchant I.O. Natus, in 1866 it was bought by German merchant F.V. Kersten, after whose death (1884) E.P

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