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Malaya Nevka

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MALAYA NEVKA, a branch of the Neva river delta, which splits off from the Bolshaya Nevka near the Spit of Kamenny Island. The river flows into the Neva Bay between Krestovsky Island and Petrovsky Island, converging with the Malaya Neva. The Malaya Nevka is 4.9 kilometres long and 120-300 metres wide, with the depth varying from 3.6 metres to 6.8 metres. The average flow rate in the head of the river is 224 m3 per second. The Malaya Nevka separates Kamenny Island and Krestovsky Island from Petrogradskaya Side, which comprises Petrovsky Island, Petrogradsky Island and Aptekarsky Island. The Krestovka River which links the Malaya Nevka with the Srednyaya Nevka runs to the right from the middle course of the Malaya Nevka. The Zhdanovka River and the Karpovka River flow into the Malaya Nevka on the left. The Malaya Nevka is spanned by Kamennoostrovsky Bridge, Krestovsky Bridge, Lazarevsky Bridge (tramway foot-bridge) and Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge. The upper side of the left bank of the river was faced with granite and landscaped for the most part of it in the 1960s-70s. Here Pesochnaya Embankment and Admirala Lazareva Embankment extend. The left bank in the head of the river accommodates Lopukhinsky Garden with a pond. The right bank within Kamenny Island and Krestovsky Island is reinforced with wooden constructions. On Kamenny Island, several buildings face the river, among them are the ensemble of Kamennoostrovsky Palace, the Oldenburg princes' summer residence, V.F. Mertens' summer residence (1 Zapadnaya Alley, 1911, architect M.S. Lyalevich) etc., while Krestovsky Island accommodates Spartak Stadium, Dinamo Stadium and the Primorsky Park Pobedy (Park of Victory). The Malaya Nevka is navigable.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Lyalevich Marian Stanislavovich
Mertens Wilghelm Friedrich
the Oldenburgskys, princes

Admirala Lazareva Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city
Malaya Nevka River/Saint Petersburg, city
Pesochnaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1
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