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Kamenny Island Canals

Categories / City Topography/Waterways and Currents/Canals

KAMENNY ISLAND CANALS were built in the 18-19th centuries and intended to drain the territory, transport construction materials to palaces and estates and lay out park elements. The canal routes were repeatedly changed. The Bolshoy Canal became the major passage, it ended against a pond with three canals branching towards the Bolshaya Nevka River, Мalaya Nevka River and the eastern point of the island where the construction of Kamennoostrovsky Palace was under way, and whose design also foresaw a round pond in front of it. It was architect G P. Pilnikov who played the most significant role in the development of the park and canal plan. Today the island is fringed by Krestovsky Canal which runs from the Krestovka River to the rectangular pond (its route partly overlaps with that of Bolshoy Canal). The pond ends in a canal running to the Bolshaya Nevka River, and the canal in turn gives rise to another one which runs parallel to the bank of the Bolshaya Nevka River and ends in a pond and outlet to the Bolshaya Nevka River. Alleys have sprung up on the site of other canals which formerly traversed the territory. The total length of the canals is approximately 1.5 kilometres, with the width reaching 15-25 meters. Green river banks accommodate old summer cottages, mansions and recreational facilities.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Pilnikov Grigory Petrovich