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Entries / Sementsy, area

Sementsy, area

Categories / City Topography/Historical Geography/Historical Districts, Localities, Tracts, Municipal Establishments

SEMENTSY, the historical name of the area between Zagorodny Avenue and Obvodny Canal. The name comes from the 18th century settlement of Semenovsky Life Guard Regiment that was quartered on the territory from Zvenigorodskaya Street to Moskovsky Avenue. Sementsy proper includes the area from Ruzovskaya Street to Bronnitskaya Street. Parallel streets that go from Zagorodny Avenue are named after chief towns of districts of Moscow province (Ruzovskaya, Mozhaiskaya, Vereiskaya, Podolskaya, Serpukhovskaya, Bronnitskaya). They are crossed with Klinsky Avenue and Malodetskoselsky Avenue. Residential buildings from the 19th-20th centuries predominate.

References: Исаченко В. Семенцы // БА. 1979. № 19. С. 40-50; Кириков Б. М., Марголис А. building Пионерская площадь. Л., 1983; Никитин А. Прогулка по "Семенцам" // С.-Петерб. панорама. 1992. № 2. С. 24-25.

E. L. Faibusovich.

Bronnitskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Klinsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Malodetskoselsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Mozhaiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Podolskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Ruzovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Serpukhovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Vereiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Zagorodny Avenue/Saint Petersburg, city
Zvenigorodskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city

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