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Entries / Design Institutes (entry)

Design Institutes (entry)

Categories / Architecture/Urban Planning/Architectural-planning Organizations and Institutions

DESIGN INSTITUTES Architectural. After October 1917, design and construction activity in Leningrad was concentrated in large institutes established in the course of city reconstruction. It is only due to the presence of design institutes and the participation of its designers that the implementation of the Leningrad General Plan and the reconstruction of old cities became possible. In 1925, LenNIIproekt (Leningrad Scientific Research Projects Institute) 3 Troitskaya Square was founded, which became a leading organisation in residential and civil building construction design, designing new developments undertaking reconstruction of the city centre. LenNIIproekt drew up the Leningrad General Plans, was engaged in house planning on a mass scale as well as individual design. In 1931 LenNIiPGradostroitelstva (Leningrad Scientific Research and Design Institute for Urban Planning) 5 Torzhkovskaya Street, was established. LenNIiPGradostroitelstva worked on general plans and the development of towns of the country (mainly in the eastern regions). Promstroiproekt, Institute for Industrial Engineering, 160 Leninsky Avenue, was founded in 1931, and PI-1, Design Institute-1, 1Voznesensky Lane, was established in 1946, where the main design offices for industrial buildings and complexes for Leningrad and the country were located. The leading engineering and construction organization of the North was LenZNIIEP (Leningrad Zone Scientific Research Institute for standard and experimental design of residence and public buildings), today SPbZNIiPI (St. Petersburg Zone Scientific Research and Design Institute of Residential and Civil Constructions) (18 Pirogova Lane), founded in 1963. There were a series of unique projects for Leningrad and Leningrad Region and other areas developed here. Each institute had its own traditions, architectural engineering schools and scientific manpower.

V. G. Isachenko.

Leninsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 160
Pirogova Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 18
Torzhkovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 5
Troitskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3
Voznesensky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1