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Adamini's House

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Apartment Buildings

ADAMINI'S HOUSE (1 Moika River Embankment), architectural monument. It was built for merchant Antonov in 1823-27 in the late Empire style (architect D.F. Adamini, hence the name). The three-storied apartment house occupies a sizeable trapezoidal area, surrounded by the Field of Mars, Moika River Embankment, and Aptekarsky Lane. Adamini's House encloses the Griboedova Canal view from Nevsky Prospect. Its facades are accented by three porticoes of composite order and are decorated with a stucco frieze. In the 1830s, the scientist and inventor P.L. Shilling, worked and died in Adamini's House (memorial plaque). From 1914, the art bureau of N.E. Dobychina, which held exhibits for Mir Iskusstva and Soyuz Molodezhi. In 1916-19, the cellar of Adamini's House was occupied by art cabaret Priyut Komediantov (Comedians' Halt), its walls being painted by S.Y. Sudeikin, B.D. Grigoryev, etc. (the murals were destroyed during the flood of 1924). In 1917, L.N. Andreev, in 1922-32, artist and art critic E.K. Lipgart lived here. On 26 November 1941, the building was damaged in an air-raid; in 1946, it was restored (architect A.S. Ginzberg). After the war, writers Y.P. German (1948-67), V.F. Panova (1948-70), L.N. Rakhmanov (1950-88), as well as architect N.V. Baravov (memorial plaque) lived in Ardamini's House.

Reference: Бунатян Г. Г. Дом Адамини // Дома рассказывают. СПб., 2002. Вып. 2. С. 123-157.

A. A. Antonov.

Adamini Domenico
Andreev Leonid Nikolaevich
Antonov Viktor Vasilievich
Dobychina (Fishman) Nadezhda Evseevna
German Yury Pavlovich
Ginzberg Alexander Solomonovich
Grigoryev Boris Dmitrievich
Lipgart Ernst Karlovich
Panova Vera Fedorovna
Rakhmanov Leonid Nikolaevich
Schilling Pavel Lvovich
Sudeykin Sergey Yurievich

Aptekarsky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city
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Бунатян Г. Г. Дом Адамини // Дома рассказывают. СПб., 2002

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Youth Union
Comedians Halt, Cabaret

Aptekarsky Lane

APTEKARSKY LANE, translated as Pharmacy Lane, between Millionnaya Street and Moika River Embankment. It was laid in 1730s and called Aptekarskaya Street from the early 1730s to 1780s. The lane was so named after the Central Pharmacy moved from SS

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FIELD OF MARS (in the 18th century Bolshoy Meadow, Poteshnoe Field, Tsaritsyn Meadow, in 1918 -40 – Zhertv Revolyutsii Square), the square in the centre of St. Petersburg. It was named so in honour of Mars, the Roman god of war

Postwar Restoration of Architectural Monuments

POSTWAR RESTORATION OF ARCHITECTURAL MONUMENTS. During the Siege of 1941-44, 187 of 210 buildings registered by the government as architectural monuments suffered from bombardment, suburban palaces-museums (except for Oranienbaum) were ruined