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Entries / China Palace (Lomonosov)

China Palace (Lomonosov)

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Palaces

CHINA PALACE, a Rococo architectural monument, constructed in 1762-68 in the Upper Park of Oranienbaum (architect A. Rinaldi) as the Holland House. The China Palace acquired its name in the 19th century. The China Palace was designed as a garden pavilion; with wide-open window-doors, placed on a low stylobate, forming a terrace. Originally, the China Palace consisted of a single-story; in 1852-53, it was reconstructed under the guidance of the architect K. K. Bonstedt, at the same time the architect A. I. Stakensсhneider built the second floor above the enfilade of gala rooms, and between corbels a glazed gallery appeared. The northern facade has retained the original decor. The gala enfilade encompasses seven halls. The trimmings of Bugles study boast smalts invented by M.V. Lomonosov. The interiors of the China Place is decorated with paintings on silk and satin with stylised Chinese motives, allegoric portraits of ladies of the court (painter de Saint-Soit), as well as portraits by painters P. Rotari, G.C. Grot, S. Torelli; the latter is also the author of decorative painting in the Hall of Muses. The unique parquet floor was executed by Russian craftsmen from various species of wood to the drawings of Rinaldi. D.B. Tiepolo's plafond Triumph of Mars adorning the Grand (Oval) Hall was lost in 1941-1945.

References: Клементьев В. Г. Китайский дворец в Ораниенбауме. СПб., 1998.

O. A. Chekanova.

Abaza Alexander Aggeevich
Bonstedt Lyubim (Ludwig) Lyubimovich
Grot Georg Christofor
Lomonosov Mikhail Vasilievich
Rinaldi Antonio
Rotari Pietro Antonio
Saint-Soit de Jean
Stakensсhneider Andrey Ivanovich
Tiepolo Giovanni Battista
Torelli Stefano

Клементьев В. Г. Китайский дворец в Ораниенбауме. СПб., 1998


Bonstedt L.L. (1822-1885), architect

BONSTEDT Lyubim Lyubimovich (Ludvig) (1822, St. Petersburg - 1885), architect, academy member (1846), professor of the Academy of Fine Arts (1858), court counsellor. He was a subject of the Kingdom of Bavaria

Catherine II (1729-1796), Empress

Catherine II (1729-1796, St. Petersburg), Empress (from 1761), wife of Emperor Peter III (1745). Nee Sophie Augusta Frederica of Anhalt-Zerbst. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1744, coming to power by dethroning her husband (1762)

Oranienbaum, palace and park ensemble

ORANIENBAUM, a palace and park ensemble (Lomonosov town) that started to form during the first quarter of the 18th century, when the country estate of A.D. Menshikov appeared on the coast of the Gulf of Finland 44 kilometres from St. Petersburg

Oranienbaum, Park Museum

ORANIENBAUM, PARK MUSEUM, state in the town of Lomonosov, was established in 1918 in the territory of the palace and park ensemble of the same name. Oranienbaum was opened to visitors in 1922. The museum got its present-day name in 1993