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Birzhevoy Bridge

Categories / Architecture/Bridges

BIRZHEVOY BRIDGE (Stock Market Bridge) (1922-89 Builders Bridge), across the source of the Malaya Neva River, joining Stock Market Square (hence the name) with Mytninskaya Embankment. Here in 1893-94, a 25-span wood trapezoidal A-framed bridge was built with a raisable mid-section, engineer N.M. Mazurov). In 1930 and 1937 it was extended, the superstructure was replaced with metal. The current bridge was built in 1957-60 beneath the older (engineers V.V. Demchenko, B.B. Levin, architects L.A. Noskov, P.A. Areshev). It has five metal welded spans (the two central wings open laterally - with a double hinged arch). The piers are made from reinforced concrete with granite facing. The enclosing rails are made of cast iron with the pattern of the trident of Neptune. In 1996-97, the sleepers for the tram were removed. Length 250 metres, width 27 metres.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaya.

Areshev Peter Artemievich
Demchenko V.V.
Levin B.B.
Mazurov N.M.
Noskov Lev Alexandrovich

Birzhevaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Mytninskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city


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BRIDGES, an integral part of the urban planning structure and architectural appearance of St. Petersburg. In 2002, the city numbered 342 bridges of various kinds and types; in Kronstadt: 5 bridges, Pushkin: 54 bridges, Petrodvorets: 51 bridges