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Entries / Zakharov A.D. (1761-1811), architect.

Zakharov A.D. (1761-1811), architect.

Categories / Architecture/Personalia

ZAKHAROV Andreyan (Adrian) Dmitrievich (1761 - 1811, St. Petersburg), architect, representative of Neoclassicism. In 1767-82, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Y.M. Felten and A.A. Ivanov; he was a retainer of the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, where prior to 1786, he trained in the workshop of Z.F. Chalgrin. In 1787-1811, he taught architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts (from 1794, he was an associate member of the academy, from 1797 a professor, from 1803, a senior professor). In 1794-99, he was an architect of academic buildings; he built the foundry workshop of the Academy of Fine Arts (1805, has not survived). In 1799-1801 he was chief architect of Gatchina: he rebuilt the Imperial Palace and its services, erected the Lion's and the Hunchback’s bridges in the park, also the Farm and Poultry-yard pavilions, designed the Monastery of St. Harlampy (was not implemented) and the Finnish Church in Maloe Kolpino. In 1802-03, he developed a number of "example" plans for provincial towns. In St. Petersburg he built Mizhuev's House (1804-06) and the church of the Alexandrovskaya Factory (1801-17, has not survived). In 1805, he became a Chief Architect of the Admiralty in charge of its reconstruction (from 1806; it was completed in 1823 after the death of Zakharov), which has become a fine example city architecture and one of the dominant architectural features of St. Petersburg. He created a number of designs for the development of Proviantsky Island in the New Admiralty (1806-08) and of the reconstruction of Grebnoy Port on Vasilievsky Island (1806-09). He rebuilt the naval hospital on Vyborgskaya Side (1806-11), erected the artillery laboratory on Kanonersky Island (1807-11) and naval quarters (1808-11, has not survived) in the New Regiment Court. In Kronstadt, he erected St. Andrew’s Cathedral (1806-17, has not survived) and the bell-tower of Epiphany Cathedral (1811, has not survived). He is buried at Smolenskoe Orthodox Cemetery; in 1940 his ashes were transferred to the 18th century Necropolis.

Reference: Шуйский В. К. Андреян Захаров. Л., 1989.

С. В. Боглачев.

Chalgrin Jean Francois
Felten Yury (Georg Friedrich) Matveevich
Ivanov Alexey Alexeevich
Zakharov Andreyan (Adrian) Dmitrievich

Шуйский В. К. Андреян Захаров. Л., 1989

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