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Entries / Sadovnikov P.S. (1796-1877), architect

Sadovnikov P.S. (1796-1877), architect

Categories / Architecture/Personalia

SADOVNIKOV Peter Semenovich (1796-1877, St. Petersburg), architect, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts (1849). Brother of V.S. Sadovnikov. Came from a family of serfs. Studied under the supervision of the architect A.N. Voronikhin; in 1814-1816, he studied at the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of A.A. Mikhailov. In 1817-1845, he was the Stroganov Counts' and Golitsyn Princes' family architect; he built and rebuilt Petersburg buildings and residences, he worked on the Stroganov Palace and on the Marino Estate (near Tosno). In 1830, he was emancipated. In 1857-1873, he was an architect for the Department of Stables. In 1833-1839, he created the palace and park in the English Gothic style at the Count A.F. Orlov Estate (former Stroganov Estate) in Strelna. For Countess E. P. Saltykova, he built a Gothic cottage at Chernaya Rechka (1837-1845, now 4 Akademika Krylova Street), and rebuilt her city mansion (1845-1848, 51 Bolshaya Morskaya Street). In 1851-57, he erected the service wings of the Third Department of His Imperial Majesty's Office (now 9 Pestelya Street, in the courtyard); in 1860-1862, he erected living quarters for the Department of Stables (2 Shvedsky Lane). Sadovnikov most important creation is the building for the Museum of Stables (1857-1860, 4 Konyushennaya Square), designed in the second Baroque style and distinguished by its rich facade. He lived at 6 Kovensky Lane (building not preserved). He is buried at the Volkovskoe Orthodox Cemetery.

References: Наумова А. Н., Исаченко В. Г. Петр Садовников // Зодчие Петербурга, XIX - начало XX века. СПб., 1998. С. 283-291.

S. V. Boglachev.

Mikhaylov Alexander Alexeevich
Sadovnikov Peter Semenovich
Sadovnikov Vasily Semenovich
Saltykova Elizaveta Pavlovna, Duchess
the Golitsyns
the Stroganovs
Voronikhin Andrey Nikiforovich

Akademika Krylova St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 4
Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 51
Konyushennaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 4
Kovensky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 6
Pestelya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 9
Shvedsky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

Исаченко В. Г., Наумова А. Н. Петр Садовников // Зодчие Петербурга, XIX - начало XX века. СПб., 1998

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