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Entries / Zhelobovsky A.A. (1834-1910), protopresbyter

Zhelobovsky A.A. (1834-1910), protopresbyter

Categories / Religion. Church/Personalia

ZHELOBOVSKY Alexander Alexeevich (1834-1910, St. Petersburg), chaplain. Zhelobovsky graduated from St. Petersburg Theological Academy in 1859. Starting in 1866, he led divine services at regimental churches of St. Petersburg. In 1882, he was made Prior of St. Sergius Cathedral of all the Artillery). In 1888, he was appointed Chaplain General of the Army and the Navy, becoming the Archbishop for All Military and Naval Clergy in 1890. From 1905, he was an active member of the Holy Synod. Furthermore, Zhelobovsky chaired the Society for Assistance of Indigent students of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. During Zhelobovsky's administration the financial condition of the military clergy as well as their official position was improved to a considerable extent, military cemeteries were set in order, parish schools were established at military units, out-of-service interviews were introduced for enlisted men, and a wax candle factory was founded, the income of which was spent on charity. In 1890, Zhelobovsky initiated the publishing of The Bulletin of Military Clergy. He lived at 29 Furshtatskaya Street.

References: Вестн. воен. духовенства. 1909. № 19. С. 577-608; № 20. С. 609-628; 1910; № 10. С. 294-301.

A. I. Razdorsky.

Zhelobovsky Alexander Alexeevich

Furshtatskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 29

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