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Entries / St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt

St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt

Categories / Religion. Church/Places of Worship (see also Architecture and Urban Planning)
Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Religious Architecture (see also Religion.Church)

ST. ANDREW’S CATHEDRAL in Kronstadt, at 17 Lenina Avenue. An architectural monument of late Classicism (Empire style), was erected in 1805-17 (by architects C. Cameron, A. D. Zakharov and A. N. Akutin) on the location of a wooden cathedral of the same name (1717-18, burnt down in 1764). In 1820, the Holy Assumption side-chapel was consecrated (in 1834, it was replaced with the Peter and Paul choral side chapel). The one-cupola building with a refectory and a bell tower crowned with a spire is considered to be one of the best church buildings by Zakharov. The sculptural decoration and the bas-reliefs were done by N. P. Alexandrov, I. Voroshilov and I. G. Krylov. Wall paintings were executed by L. S. Miropolsky and A. L. Witberg. St. Andrew’s Cathedral was enlarged and rebuilt in 1852-55 (architect R. I. Kuzmin), 1874-77 (architect V. V. Windelbrandt) and in 1897 (architect N. A. Dolbinsky), so that it had three side-chapels and could accommodate 1,000 people. In 1855-1908, Fr. John of Kronstadt (Sergiev) served in the St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Kronstadt. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the country came to him. From 1882, the Home for Diligence, an orphanage and school, and a library were built near St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Kronstadt. The cathedral also supported an alms-house, a free of charge canteen and a night shelter. In 1931, the cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew was closed, in 1932, it was blown up, and turned into a park.

Reference: Попов И. В. Святыни Кронштадта // С.-Петерб. епарх. ведомости. 1998. № 20. С. 112-113.

V. V. Antonov.

Akutin Alexey Nikitich
Alexandrov Nikolay Pavlovich
Antonov Viktor Vasilievich
Cameron Charles
Dolbinsky N.A.
Krylov I.G.
Kuzmin Roman Ivanovich
Miropolsky Leonty Semenovich
Sergiyev (Kronshtadsky) Ioann Ilyich, the Saint
Voroshilov Igor
Windelbrandt Vasily Vasilievich
Witberg Alexander Lavrovich
Zakharov Andreyan (Adrian) Dmitrievich

Lenina Ave/Kronshtadt, city, house 17

Попов И. В. Святыни Кронштадта // С.-Петерб. епарх. ведомости, 1998

Ioann of Kronstadt, (Ivan Iliyich Sergiyev)

19 October 1829, Sura Village, the Pinezhsky Uyezd, the Arkhangelsk Guberniya – 20 December 1908, Kronstadt. A priest, oreacher and philanthropist, Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church

Kuzmin R.I. (1811-1867), architect

KUZMIN Roman Ivanovich (1811-1867, St. Petersburg), architect. In 1826-32, he studied at the Academy of Arts, in 1834-40 studied in Europe. In 1840, he was elected a Fellow of the Academy; from 1841, he had been active as a professor of architecture

St. John of Kronstadt (1829-1908), Orthodox Saint

ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT (Ioann Ilyich Sergiev) (1829-1908), priest, theological writer. He studied at the Theological Academy in Archangelsk (1847-51) and at the Theological Academy in St