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Entries / Chernov D.K., (1839-1921), Metallurgist

Chernov D.K., (1839-1921), Metallurgist

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Chernov Dmitry Konstantinovich (1839, St. Petersburg - 1921), scientist of metallurgy. He graduated from St. Petersburg Technological Institute (1858), and later taught there in 1859-68 (26/49 Moskovsky Avenue; commemorative plaque). Chernov audited classes in St. Petersburg University (1860-62). From 1866, he served at the Obukhovsky Steel-Casting Plant, in 1874-80; he was an assistant to the director of the plant (120 Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue; commemorative plaque). From 1880, he worked in Donbass. On coming back to St. Petersburg (1884) he became a member of the Department of Science of the Naval Technical Committee. In 1889, he was appointed professor of the Mikhailovskaya Artillery Academy. In 1917, he traveled to Yalta for treatment, and died there. Chernov was the founder of Russian physical metallurgy and author of the theory of thermal treatment of steel. He discovered the so-called critical points in phase transformation of steel ("Chernov points"). A street in Nevsky District was named after Chernov in 1952 (former Berdovskaya Street). There is a commemorative plaque on the house where Chernov lived in 1891-1916 (25 Professora Popova Street).

References: Гумилевский Л. И. Чернов. М., 1975.

V. V. Cheparukhin.

Chernov Dmitry Konstantinovich

Chernova St./Saint Petersburg, city
Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 26/49
Obukhovskoy Oborony Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 120
Professora Popova St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 75

Гумилевский Л. И. Чернов. М., 1975

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