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Cinizelli's Circus

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CINIZELLI'S CIRCUS, the first stationary circus in St. Petersburg. It was founded by the Italian circus actor and entrepreneur G. Cinizelli (1815-1881). In 1869 the circus family of Cinizelli, touring Russia, joined K. Ginne’s troupe, in 1872 Cinizelli headed the troupe. The Cinizelli's circus was opened on 26 December 1877 in the new stone building constructed on Cinizelli's initiative (architect V. Kenel; 3 Fontanka River Embankment; the present building of the St. Petersburg Circus). It featured a capacious hall, spherical dome, circus arena (diameter 13 m), updated technical equipment and stables for 150 horses. At the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century in Cinizelli's Circus such outstanding actors as the equestrian James Fillis, the animal-trainer Mazzelli, the clown brothers Prais and Fratellini, A.L. Durov and others performed. In 1897, the International Championship for Wrestling was opened in Cinizelli's Circus. In 1911, Sophocles's tragedy Oedipus the King (director M.Reinhardt) was staged. In 1918 Cinizelli family left Russia. In 1919-21 in Cinizelli's Circus (since 1918 it was also called Petrograd Circus) a company of actors worked, since 1921 - a collective of actors. In 1919-24 M.I. Pyatetsky (clown Mishel) was an art director. In 1924 Cinizelli's Circus passed under the control of Central Department of State Circuses (TsUGTs) and was renamed Leningrad Circus (in 1924-25 W. Truzzi was appointed the first director).

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Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Cinizelli Gaetano
Durov Anatoly Leonidovich
Fillis James
Ginne Karl
Kenel Vasily Alexandrovich
Pyatetsky M.I.
Reinhardt Max
Truzzi Wiliams

Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3

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