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ROWING CLUBS. The rowing activities began in St. Petersburg upon the foundation of Nevsky Flot club by Tsar Peter the Great in 1718. Later the so-called popular rowing was separated from athletic professional rowing. In 1850 the City Duma organised the first country races of carrier boatmen (on skiff type boats), which became traditional later. In 1860 the first Russian St. Petersburg River Yacht Club was opened, for both sailors and rowers (the club was located in Novaya Derevnya area). In 1864 Englishmen living in St. Petersburg opened their own rowing club Strela (on the 2nd pond of the Petrovsky Island). In 1901 it moved to a new location where the Burevestnik rowing club is situated now (6 Olgina Street). In 1866 the first rowing boat workshop was opened at St. Petersburg River Yacht Club, where the domestic construction of sport boats started. In 1889 a team of rowing club members left the club and organised the St. Petersburg Rowing Society in 1890. Originally it was located on Petrovsky Island, and in 1895 moved to Krestovsky Island, where the Znamya Rowing Club is situated today (4 Vyazovskaya Street,). Fortuna Rowing Club was located on Shuvalovo lakes, where club members practiced only rowing and canoeing. In 1881-1916 the Gavansky Rowing Circle functioned; it was the first sports society organised by workers. Energiya Rowing Club was founded in 1911 in the area of Novaya Derevnya. In 1912 it moved to the place where it is still located today (15 Deputatskaya Street). In the 1920s the rowing sport started to revive in yacht clubs of Leningrad. The new clubs - Spartak (1929), Dinamo (1930), etc., opened. In the 1920-30s there were over 20 rowing clubs in the city. Some present-day rowing clubs (Dinamo, a rowing sport training base, 44 Dinamo Avenue; Primorets, 56 Primorsky Avenue; the rowing training base of Naval Technical University, 8 Olgina Street) have facilities with gyms, courts, and offices (classrooms, medical rooms and dining facilities). Sport ships of various types are kept in boathouses. In 2002 there were 6 rowing clubs registered in St. Petersburg: Energiya, Spartak, Primorets, Dinamo, Znamya and the Rowing Club of the Naval Technical University.

Reference: Исторические записи о развитии гребного спорта в Ленинграде. Л., [б.г.].

I. A. Bogdanov.

Peter I, Emperor

Deputatskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 15
Dinamo Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 44
Olgina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 6
Olgina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 8
Primorsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 56
Vyazovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 4

Исторические записи о развитии гребного спорта в Ленинграде. Л., [Б. г.]

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS. Russian amateur athletic activities date back to the first yacht club in Russia Nevsky Fleet, founded in 1718 by the order of tsar Peter the Great (see Yacht Clubs). In 1827 a swimming school was opened on the Neva