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Pulkovskoe Freeway

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PULKOVSKOE FREEWAY (until 1974, Kievskoe Freeway), from Pobedy Square to the city boundary, forms a continuation of Moskovsky Avenue, goes along the line of Pulkovsky meridian and closes on the dome of the Pulkovo Observatory. A forked road by the present-day Pobedy Square was called Srednaya Rogatka (or "Four Arms" - after the signpost that once stood here). Along the left side of Pulkovskoe Freeway, is an area of residential blocks of flats of 137th series were constructed in 1970-80s (architects V.N. Shcherbin , S.P. Shmakov); farther on, there is the residential area and glass houses of the Leto Agricultural Firm founded in 1971. Pulkovskoe Freeway is crossed with Varshavskaya Railway Line; in 1941-44, bunkers were constructed along its embankment, there headquarters of divisions defending the city were accommodated. Leading off from Pulkovskoe Freeway are roads to Aviagorodok and Pulkovo Airport. At the turn of Pulkovskoe Freeway to the town of Pushkin, the monument to the poet was placed (1956, sculptor А. А. Manuylov). On Pulkovskoe Freeway, six milestones (1772-75, architect thought to be A. Rinaldi), and a fountain with sphinxes used as a drinking bowl for horses (1809, architect J.F. Thomas de Thomon, located close to Pulkovo Hill) have preserved. Other fountains were moved to the Kazan Cathedral and Sennaya Square. In the park of the Pulkovo Observatory, there is a cemetery of astronomers, where V.Y. Struve, F.A. Bredikhin, G.A. Tikhov and A.A. Mikhailov are buried.

G. Y. Nikitenko.

Bredikhin Fedor Alexandrovich
Linnik Vladimir Pavlovich
Manuylov Apollon Alexandrovich
Mikhaylov А.А.
Rinaldi Antonio
Shcherbin Vladimir Nikolaevich
Shmakov Sergey Pavlovich
Struve Vasily Yakovlevich
Thomas de Thomon Jean-Francois
Tikhov G.А.

Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Pobedy Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Pulkovskoe Freeway/Saint Petersburg, city

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