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Entries / Volynsky A.P. (1689-1740), statesman

Volynsky A.P. (1689-1740), statesman

Categories / Capital/Personalia

VOLYNSKY Artemy Petrovich (1689-1740, St Petersburg), statesman, Chief Master of the Hunt (1736). He was married to Peter the Great's cousin, A.L. Naryshkina. Started his career in the Vladimirsky Dragoon Regiment (1708). In 1715-18, he was Ambassador to Persia; in 1718-23, Governor of Astrakhan; in 1723-25, he was investigated for embezzlement, receiving amnesty following the death of Peter the Great. From 1725-28, he was Governor of Kazan; in 1729-31, he was again investigated, charged with embezzlement, rape and murder, amnestied on account of Empress Anna Ivanovna's coronation. In 1733, he was again taken on for military service as Major-General, took part in the War of Polish Succession, in 1734 deserted the army, escaped the consequences of his action by informing on C. A. Minich and a number of generals to St Petersburg authorities. In 1734-36, he was Director of the Royal Stables; 1736-38, he was Chief of the Imperial Hunt. From 1738, he was a Cabinet Minister. In 1739, he became the Chief Prosecutor in the case of the Dolgoruky Princes, claiming and attaining the death penalty for them. Attempted an intrigue against E. I. Biron and Vice-Chancellor A. I. Osterman, but was arrested, together with A. F. Khrushchov and P. M. Eropkin, charged with treason, convicted and decapitated at Sytny Market on June 27. He was buried in the St. Sampson’s Cathedral fence. During the reign of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, Volynsky was depicted as a fighter against German domination and a sufferer for the Russian cause; on his grave a monument was erected (1741; replaced in 1886; sculptor A. M. Opekushin, architect M. A. Shchurupov). In St Petersburg, Volynsky owned a mansion between Millionnaya Street and the Moika River (demolished in 1798, Volynsky Lane was laid in its place).

References: Анисимов Е. В. Россия без Петра, 1725-1740. СПб., 1994. С. 459-475.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Anna Ioannovna, Empress
Biron Ernst Johann
Elizaveta Petrovna, Empress
Eropkin Peter Mikhailovich
Khrushchov Andrey Fedorovich
Minich Christoph Antonovich (Burghard Christoph), Count
Naryshkina Alexandra Lvovna
Opekushin Alexander Mikhailovich
Osterman Andrey Ivanovich (Heinrich Johann Friedrich), Count
Peter I, Emperor
Shchurupov Mikhail Arefievich
the Dolgorukovs
Volynsky Artemy Petrovich

Millionnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

Анисимов Е. В. Россия без Петра, 1725-1740. СПб., 1994

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