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Oldenburgsky Family

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OLDENBURGSKY (v. Oldenburg), dukes and princes, the junior branch of a German landed estate. Several members of the family lived in Russia. George Ludwig Prince of Schleswig-Holstein (died 1763), Emperor Peter III"s uncle, was called by the Emperor to Russia, made a General Field-Marshal, assigned to be Chief of the Horse Guards Regiment, and during the Palace Revolution of 1762 remained loyal to the Emperor, returning to Holstein after the Emperor"s death. His son Peter Friedrich Ludwig (1755-1829) stayed in Russia, participating in the Russo–Turkish War of 1768-74; from 1785, he was an administrator, and from 1823 the Grand Prince Oldenburgsky. He married Frederica Elizaveta Princess of Wurttemberg (sister of Empress Maria Fedorovna). His younger son, prince Georgy Petrovich (Peter Friedrich George) Oldenburgsky (1784-1812), came to Russia in 1808, and in 1809 he married the daughter of Emperor Pavel I, Grand Princess Catherine Pavlovna (1788, Tsarskoe Selo — 1818), to whom Emperor Alexander I presented the Anichkov Palace, and received the title of Imperial Highness. He was Chief Director of Communications, established the Institute of Communications Engineers in St. Petersburg, directed the reconstruction of the Vyshny Volochek Water System, and developed regulations for navigating man-made waterways. Prince P.G. Oldenburgsky was his younger son. His daughter, Princess Alexandra Petrovna Oldenburgskaya (1838-1900), wife of Grand Prince Nikolay Nikolaevich the Elder, founded the Pokrovskaya Nurses Community in St. Petersburg (1858), a hospital, a clinical dispensary, and a school for training registered nurses. Her brother was Prince A.P. Oldenburgsky. His wife Evgenia Maximilianovna (1845, St. Petersburg — 1925), daughter of M. Leuchtenberg, was a patroness of many charitable and public organizations. In 1899, her name was given to the Rozhdestvenskaya Women"s High School (today 1 Proletarskoy Diktatury Street, school № 157; a commemorative tablet installed in the entrance hall). Another brother, Prince Nikolay Petrovich Oldenburgsky (1840-1886), was a General Lieutenant (1883), an honourable tutor of St. Petersburg Board of Trustees from 1876, a member of the Public Contempt Institutions Council, a trustee of the St. Peter and Paul Hospital. He directed the Mariinskaya and Alexandrovskaya hospitals for the poor. The Oldenburgsky Princes emigrated in 1917. In the capital, the Oldenburgskys owned a palace at 2 Palace Square (1 Millionnaya Street, formerly house of I.I. Betskoy, presented to him in 1830; on the facade there is a commemorative tablet to Princes P.G. and A.P. Oldenburgskys), a summer palace at Kamenny Island (2 Malaya Nevka Embankment, 1831-33, architect S.L. Shustov), as well as a suburb residence near Peterhof (1830s, architect V.P. Stasov). The Oldenburgskys Family Burial Vault was located at the Holy Trinity & St. Sergius Hermitage (destroyed in 1918, in 1994 a memorial stone was installed on its place).

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Alexander I, Emperor
Betskoy (Betsky) Ivan Ivanovich
Ekaterina Pavlovna, Grand Princess
Leuchtenbergsky Maximilian, Duke
Maria Fedorovna, Empress
Nikolay Nikolaevich (Sr.), Grand Prince
Oldenburgskaya Alexandra Petrovna (Frederika Wilhelmina, conventual name, sister Anastasia), Princess
Oldenburgskaya Evgenia Maximilianovna, Princess
Oldenburgsky Alexander Petrovich, Prince
Oldenburgsky Georg Ludwig, Prince
Oldenburgsky Georgy (Peter Friedrich Georg), Duke
Oldenburgsky Nikolay (Friedrich August) Petrovich
Oldenburgsky Peter Friedrich Ludwig, Prince
Oldenburgsky Peter (Konstantin Friedrich Peter) Georgievich, Prince
Paul (Pavel) I, Emperor
Peter III, Emperor
Shustov Smaragd Loginovich
Stasov Vasily Petrovich
the Oldenburgskys, princes

Dvortsovaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2
Malaya Nevka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2
Millionnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 1
Proletarskoy Diktatury St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 1

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