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Entries / Elizaveta (Elizabeth) Petrovna (1709-1761), Empress

Elizaveta (Elizabeth) Petrovna (1709-1761), Empress

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ELIZAVETA (Elizabeth) PETROVNA (1709-1761, St. Petersburg), Empress (since 1741), daughter of Peter the Great and Elizaveta I. Before taking the throne, she lived in a palace at the Tsaritsyn Medow in St. Petersburg, then in the Summer Palace on the Fontanka River Embankment. By order of Peter the Great, a country residence was built for Elizaveta Petrovna, called Elizavethof (1714, near Ekaterinhof). She came to power as a result of a court coup. The Academy of Arts and the Russian Drama Theatre were founded in St. Petersburg during the reign of Elizaveta Petrovna. Elizaveta Petrovna, being a passionate lover of luxury, tried to give St. Petersburg a metropolitan look supporting its development (the Baroque style that dominates the literature of the 1740-50s is called Elizabethan). Several palaces were built or started to be constructed for Elizaveta Petrovna, including the Winter Palace, the Anichkov Palace, and the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo. Under her rule, the Smolny Convent, The St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Tuchkov and the Sampsonyevsky bridges, and other buildings were constructed; the Porcelain Plant was founded (1744), as was the Krasnoselskaya Chintz Factory (1752), and the Noble and Merchant Leverage Banks. She was buried at the SS. Peter&Paul Cathedral.

References: Анисимов Е. В. Елизавета Петровна. 3-е изд. М., 1999; Писаренко К. А. Повседневная жизнь русского Двора в царствование Елизаветы Петровны. М., 2003.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Catherine I, Empress
Elizaveta Petrovna, Empress
Peter I, Emperor

Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city

Анисимов Е. В. Елизавета Петровна. 3-е изд. М., 1999

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