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Shuvalov Family

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SHUVALOV FAMILY, nobles and counts (since 1746), known since the 16th century. I.I. Shuvalov was a favourite of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna's. His brothers were Alexander Ivanovich Shuvalov (1710-71), a Count (1746), statesman, General Field Marshal (1761), and an active participant of the takeover on 25 November 1741, which put Empress Elizaveta Petrovna on the throne, and made him Head of the Privy Office (1746-62); and Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov (1711-62), a Count (1746), state and military figure, General-Field Marshal (1761), Feldzeugmeister General (1756), and acting Head of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna's Government. He owned the building at 94 Moika River Embankment. His son was Andrey Petrovich Shuvalov (1743-1789, St. Petersburg), a Count (1746), Actual Privy Counsellor (1786), and a statesman who was a Francophone man of letters, and was involved in the Enlightenment. He was the Director of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Bank Association (from 1768), President of the Free Economics Society (1772), a member of the Committee for the Stone Development of St. Petersburg and Moscow (from 1782), Director of a trellis factory in St. Petersburg (1783-89), Marshal of the Nobility of the St. Petersburg Province (1783-89), and wrote Chronological Notes on Russian History (1787). A palace, which later passed to the Yusupovs, was built by his order on the Moika River Embankment (see The Yusupov Palace). His son, Andrey Petrovich Shuvalov (1802-73), was a Count, Chief Steward Marshal (1850), Chief Chamberlain (1868), Chief Steward of His Imperial Majesty's Palace in St. Petersburg (see the Anichkov Palace), His Imperial Majesty's Country Residences and Her Imperial Majesty's Palaces (1847-50), a member of the Committee for the Construction of the Imperial Museum (1848), Steward of the Winter Palace (1852-73), a member of the Building Committee of the Imperial Hermitage (1855), a member of the State Assembly (1859), and Director of the Imperial Hermitage (1863-73). P.A. Shuvalov was his son. The Shuvalov Counts owned an entailed estate near St. Petersburg, which gave its name to the Shuvalovo Summer Colony; in the mid-19th century, they also owned a palace at 21 Fontanka River Embankment (see The Shuvalov (The Naryshkin) Palace). The Shuvalov family burial vault is located at the St. Lazar Church at the Alexander Nevsky Lavra; some family members were buried at the Lazarevskoe Cemetery.

Reference: Оточкин В. В., Яковлев С. Е. Шуваловы в Петербурге // Петербург и Россия: Науч. конф. СПб., 1994. С. 85-88.

M. O. Meltsin.

Elizaveta Petrovna, Empress
Shubinsky Sergey Nikolaevich
Shuvalov Alexander Ivanovich
Shuvalov Andrey Petrovich
Shuvalov Ivan Ivanovich, Count
Shuvalov Peter Andreevich, Count
the Shuvalovs

Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 21
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 94

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