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Entries / Golovkin G.I. (1660-1734), count, statesman

Golovkin G.I. (1660-1734), count, statesman

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GOLOVKIN Gavriil Ivanovich (1660-1734, St. Petersburg), Count of the Holy Roman Empire (1707), Count of the Russian Empire (1709), diplomat, statesman, associate of Emperor Peter the Great (half-cousin of Tsarina Natalia Kirillovna, nee Naryshkina, Peter the Great's mother). Golovkin was appointed State Chancellor in 1709. He presided over the Collegium of Foreign Affairs from 1706 to 1717, and held the offices of Chancellor (1709), Senator (1717), and President of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs (from 1718). Golovkin made a significant contribution to the war effort by expanding and consolidating the anti-Swedish coalition over the course of the Great Northern War of 1700-21. In 1721, on behalf of the Senate, he appealed to Peter the Great to accept the title of Father of his Country, Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia. From the Emperor's death until 1730, he was a member of the Supreme Privy Council; during his tenure he assisted Empress Anna Ioannovna with her enthronement. He became the first Cabinet-Minister in 1731. In the early 18th century, he owned Kamenny Island.

M. O. Meltsin.

Anna Ioannovna, Empress
Golovkin Alexander Gavrilovich, Count
Naryshkina Natalia Kirillovna, Tsarina
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