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Entries / Kornilov L.G. (1870-1918), military commander, General

Kornilov L.G. (1870-1918), military commander, General

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KORNILOV Lavr Georgievich (1870-1918), military commander, Infantry General (1917). Graduated from the Infantry Academy (1890), and the General Staff Academy (1896). Participated in military geographical expeditions in Pamir (1890s), in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. In 1907-11 served as military attache in China. At the beginning of WW I of 1914-18 was in command of the 48th Infantry division, in 1915 was taken prisoner, escaped; in 1916 led the 25th Army Corps. Following the February Revolution 1917 received command of the Petrograd Military District, the 8th Army, and the South-Western Front, on 6 July 1917 was appointed the Commander-in-Chief. Disillusioned with the activity of the Provisional Government, undertook an attempt to establish a military dictatorship aiming to save the country from the chaos that gripped the nation: on 25 August 1917 he called for resignation of the Provisional Government and advanced the 3rd Cavalry Corps of General A.M. Krymov on Petrograd. On August 27 Prime Minister A.F. Kerensky declared Kornilov a mutineer. On August 31 Kornilov was arrested. In October he escaped, and in early 1918 became the founder of the White Movement, formed the Volunteer Army in Rostov-on-Don, and led the army through tough fighting to Cuban. Killed by a shell at Ekaterinodar.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Kerensky Alexander Fedorovich
Kornilov Lavr Georgievich
Krymov Alexander Mikhailovich

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