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Entries / Suvorov A.V.(1729-1800), military commander

Suvorov A.V.(1729-1800), military commander

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SUVOROV Alexander Vasilyevich (1729-1800, St. Petersburg), military leader, Count of Rymnik (1789), Prince of Italy (1799), Generalissimo (1799). Received home education. In 1742 was enrolled in the Semenovsky Life Guards Regiment, on 1 January 1748 arrived in St. Petersburg and commenced active service. On 25 April 1754 was promoted to officer rank and transferred to the Ingermanland Infantry Regiment (regimental settlement (sloboda) - on Goloday Island). Participated in the Seven Year War 1756-63. In 1762 returned to St. Petersburg and was appointed Commander of the Astrakhansky Infantry Regiment (regimental settlement (sloboda) - on Vasilievsky Island), in 1763 - assumed the command of the Suzdalsky Infantry Regiment in St. Petersburg and New Ladoga. In June 1765 took part in manoeuvres in Krasnoe Selo. In 1768-72 battled against the Polish confederates. In 1772-73 was assigned to the St. Petersburg Division, was sent on a secret mission to the Swedish border. In 1773-74 fought against Turks. In the first half of 1776 held command of the St. Petersburg Division, in 1776-84 commanded the troops in the south of Russia. In 1786 was assigned for several months to the St. Petersburg Division. In the course of the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-91 inflicted a series of defeats on the Turkish army, attained fame through the storming of Ismail; for distinguished achievements was created Count of Russia and the Holy Roman Empire (1789). Upon returning to St. Petersburg on 3.3.1791, was conferred the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Preobrazhensky Life Guards Regiment, a medal had been struck in his honour, and the Senate was entrusted with a task of issuing an honorary diploma listing all of his accomplishments. In 1791-92 commanded troops on the Finnish border, in 1792-94 oversaw military operations in the south of Russia. In 1794 when uppressing the Polish uprising took by storm the outskirts of Warsaw. In Prague, for distinguished accomplishments, Suvorov was promoted to Field Marshal General. In December 1795 returned to St. Petersburg, stayed in the Tauride Palace. In 1796-97 assumed command of the troops in the south of Russia again. In February 1797 by a decree of Emperor Pavel I was discharged, lived in exile in his estate of Konchanskoe (village of Konchanskoe) near Novgorod. In the beginning of 1798 was summoned to St. Petersburg, took part in the development of operational plans of war against France. In the course of the Italian campaign of 1799 inflicted a series of defeats on the French troops (conferred the title of Prince and rank of Generalissimo), next set out for the Swiss campaign. Upon returning to Russia got seriously sick, 20.4.1800 arrived to St. Petersburg, died at the apartment of his nephew, Count D.I. Khvostov (23 Kryukov Canal - memorial plaque). Buried in the Annunciation Burial Vault of Alexander Nevsky Monastery. In 1801 a monument to Suvorov was erected on the Field of Mars (see Suvorov A.V. monument; the square, surrounding it was in 1818 named Suvorovskaya Square). In 1900 Suvorov's Museum was founded (see Suvorov A.V. Memorial Museum). In 1900 an avenue was named after him (see Suvorovsky Avenue. Suvorov Military Academy was named in his honour.

Reference: Меерович Г. И., Буданов Ф. В. Суворов в Петербурге. Л., 1978.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Khvostov Dmitry Ivanovich
Paul (Pavel) I, Emperor
Suvorov Alexander Arkadievich, Count

Kryukova Canal Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 23
Suvorovskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Suvorovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
The Field of Mars/Saint Petersburg, city

Меерович Г. И., Буданов Ф. В. Суворов в Петербурге. Л., 1978

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