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Entries / Perestroika (Restructuring), club

Perestroika (Restructuring), club

Categories / Social Life/Social Organizations and Unions

PERESTROIKA (Restructuring), multi-disciplinary club, initiated in 1987 for the support "from below" of the restructuring policy proclaimed by M.S. Gorbachev and the realization of the concept of socialist-type people's self-government. The club was quartered in Leningrad Soviet Recreation Centre at 42 Kirovsky (present-day Kamennoostrovsky) Avenue, held scientific and political discussions, dealt with economic and sociological elaborations, drafted bills. The founders of the club included A.G. Golov, V.N. Monakhov, A.B. Chubays and others (altogether about 70 members and over 100 candidates; 50 % of them were affiliated to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union or All-Union Leninist Young Communist League). In 1988-89 members of Perestroika took an active part in the work of new democratic organisations; in 1989 the club ceased to exist. Over time, some 20 members of Perestroika became deputies at various levels and high officials.

References: Общественные движения Ленинграда: Информ. бюл. Л., 1989.

V. E. Dolinin.

Chubays Anatoly Borisovich
Golov Anatoly Grigorievich
Gorbachev Mikhail Sergeevich
Monakhov V.N.

Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 42

Общественные движения Ленинграда: Информ. бюл. Л., 1989


Leningrad Popular Front

LENINGRAD POPULAR FRONT was the most numerous (with some 7,000 participants) social and political union of Leningrad of the period of Perestroika. The organization was established at the congress held on 17-18 June 1989

Political Parties (entry)

POLITICAL PARTIES, groups of people united by political opinions and goals fixed in party documents; possessing certain membership requirements, internal structure and types of activities stated in the regulations; relying on a certain social base