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Solovetsky Stone, monument

Categories / Architecture/Sculpture, Monuments

SOLOVETSKY STONE, a memorial in the public garden on Troitskaya Square, mounted by the Memorial Society on 4 September 2002 (artists E.I. Ukhnalev, Y.A. Rybakov) in memory of victims of political repression (a gift for the tercentenary of St. Petersburg by former political prisoners). It is a granite boulder, delivered from the Solovetsky Islands, where in the 1920s-30s the Solovetsky Camp was located - a symbol of state terror in the USSR. At the base of the Solovetsky Stone there is a granite slab, placed by the Memorial Society on 4 September 1990 as a foundation stone (author D.I. Bogomolov). The inscription on the socle says: "To the victims of communist terror", "To the champions of Liberty", "To the prisoners of GULAG" (Main Administration for Camps) and the line from "Requiem" by Anna Akhmatova is quoted: "I'd like to name you all by name, but..." By the Solovetsky Stone social actions and mourning meetings take place.

I. A. Flige.

Akhmatova Anna Andreevna
Bogomolov Dmitry Ivanovich
Rybakov Yuly Andreevich
Ukhnalev Evgeny Ilyich

Troitskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city

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Political Persecution

POLITICAL PERSECUTION refers to large-scale punitive measures organized by the Soviet Government from October 1917 on with a purpose of physical removal of real or potential political opponents

Troitskaya Square

TROITSKAYA SQUARE, called Kommuny Square from 1918 to 1923, then known as Revolyutsii Square until 1991, between Kamennoostrovsky Avenue and Kuybysheva Street. The square appeared in the early 18th century on Gorodskoy (present-day Petrogradsky)