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Inter-Regional Party

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INTER-REGIONAL PARTY (from the end of 1914 referred to as St. Petersburg Inter-Regional Committee of United Socialists Revolutionaries and Internationalists) was a socialist democratic organisation in St. Petersburg (Petrograd). It emerged in November 1913 as a sign of discontent of socialist democratic workers with the struggle between factions of Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. The Inter-Regional Party put forward the slogan of the unity of Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party; their purpose was joining of all socialist democrats admitting the illegal party. The party leaders were Bolsheviks — K.K. Yurenev and E.N. Adamovich, Mensheviks N.M. Egorov and S.E. Shevchenko, Progressist I.P. Flerovsky et. al. After the mobilization of 1914, the organisation numbered from 300 to 350 people, and at the time of the February Revolution of 1917 the number of members reached 400-500 (most of them workers). The Inter-Regional Party supported the slogans of the Bolsheviks (except for the slogan calling for defeat of the Russian Government in the war). In the days of the February Revolution they appealed for creation of Soviets (their faction in the Parliament numbered 90 people). Non-factional Socialist Democrats L.D. Trotsky, A.A. Ioffe, M.S. Uritsky, and D.B. Ryazanov joined the Inter-Regional Party on returning from emigration and exile, Progressists A.V. Lunacharsky, D.Z. Manuilsky et. al. also joined the Party. The publishing organ of the Inter-Regional Party was the journal Forward (the first issue was published in 1915; in June-September 1917, there were 9 more issues published). By the middle of 1917, the organisation of the Inter-Regional Party numbered circa 4,000 people. The Inter-Regional Party was merged with the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (Bolshevik) in the 6th Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (Bolshevik).

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I. S. Rozental.

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