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Entries / Obolensky V. A. (1869-1950), public figure

Obolensky V. A. (1869-1950), public figure

Categories / Social Life/Personalia

OBOLENSKY Vladimir Andreevich (1869, St. Petersburg - 1950) Prince, public and political figure, memoirist. On graduating from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of St. Petersburg University (1891), he continued his education at Berlin University (1892-93). In the 1890s, he worked in Country Councils, was engaged in statistics. Obolensky was an active participant of the liberal movement, serving as a member of the Union of Liberation (1902) and of the Union of Members of Country Councils and Constitutionalists (1903). He was one of the founders of the Constitutional Democratic Party (1905), member of its Central Committee. Obolensky was a deputy of the First State Duma (1906), for his participation in the signing of Vyborg Proclamation he was sentenced to 3 months of prison (imprisoned in 1910 in Kresty Prison). From 1910, he lived in St. Petersburg serving in the Ministry of Railways. Obolensky was a member of the Free Economic Society. At the time of World War I of 1914-18, he was in charge of Petrograd sanitary detachment of the North-Western front. After February 1917, he was a secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Constitutional Democrats, participating in the work of the Moscow State Conference and the work of the Provisional Parliament. After October 1917, he was a member of the Committee for Salvation of the Native Land and the Revolution. In December 1917 he left Petrograd and participated in the White Movement in the South of Russia. He emigrated in 1920. Obolensky wrote memoirs My Life, my Contemporaries, Paris, 1988 which is a valuable source on the history of social and political life of St. Petersburg at the end of the 19th - early 20th centuries.

D. D. Bogoyavlensky.

Obolensky Vladimir Andreevich, Duke

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