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Entries / Sobchak A.A. chairman of Leningrad Soviet, mayor in 1990-96

Sobchak A.A. chairman of Leningrad Soviet, mayor in 1990-96

Categories / City Administration/Personalia

SOBCHAK Anatoly Alexandrovich (1937-2000), statesman and public figure, doctor of law (1982), professor (1982). He graduated from the School of Law of Leningrad State University (1959). Sobchak worked for the Stavropol Regional College of Lawyers. In 1962 he came back to Leningrad, after the completion of postgraduate studies by the School of Law of Leningrad State and the defence of the thesis (1965) he taught at Leningrad Special Militia School by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (1965-68), Leningrad Technological Institute of Paper-and-pulp Industry (1968-73), at the School of Law of Leningrad State University (1973-89; 7 Twenty Second Line of Vasilievsky Island, memorial plaque). He was the author of research papers dedicated to the рroblem of implementation of self-supporting basis into the industry of the USSR, in 1982, he established in Leningrad State University and came to be the head of the first department of economic law in the USSR. In 1989 he was elected the USSR people's deputy of 47th Vasileostrovsky Election District of Leningrad, entered the staff of Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Sobchak was one of the leaders of Multiregional deputy group and the democratic movement in the USSR. In 1990 he was elected the deputy of Leningrad Soviet, then its chairman (May 23, 1990). He initiated the restituion of the historical name of Leningrad - St. Petersburg (1991). In 1991-96 he was appointed mayor of St. Petersburg, while holding this post he was an active supporter of democratic reorganizations in the city and the country, he was also at the head of the opposition to August coup of 1991 in St. Petersburg, and one of the authors of the Constitution of Russian Federation of 1993. In 1996 after his defeat at the polls he was wrongly accused of corruption and was victimized. Since 1997 he had been living in France, in 1999 he came back to St. Petersburg (the same year the criminal investigation brought on him was terminated). In 2000 Sobchak was the representative of presidential candidate of Russian Federation, V.V. Putin. A memoirist. Sobchak died in Kaliningrad Region. He was buried at Nikolskoe Cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra. On the house where he lived (31 Moika River Embankment) there is a memorial plaque today.

Works: Walking after Power. 2nd edition. Moscow, 1991; A Dozen Backhanders: An Instructive Story on Russian Political Morals. Moscow, 1999; From Leningrad to Petersburg: Travel in Time and Space. St. Petersburg, 1999.

A. Y. Chistyakov.

Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich
Sobchak Anatoly Alexandrovich

Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 31

Хождение во власть. 2-е изд. М., 1991
Из Ленинграда в Петербург: Путешествие во времени и пространстве. СПб., 1999
Дюжина ножей в спину: Поучительная история о рос. полит. нравах. М., 1999

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