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Entries / Suvorov A.A. governor-general in 1861-66

Suvorov A.A. governor-general in 1861-66

Categories / City Administration/Personalia

SUVOROV Alexander Arkadyevich (1804, St. Petersburg - 1882, at the same place), Gracious Prince, statesman and combat leader, infantry general (1859). The grandson of A.V. Suvorov. He studied at the universities of Sorbonne and Gettinghen. Since 1824 he had served in the Guards, since 1826 Suvorov had been doing military service at the Caucasus, took part in the Russo-Persian (1826-28) and Russo-Turkish (1828-29) wars, also participated in the suppression of the Polish uprising of 1830-31. In 1848-61 the governor-general of Livland, Estland and Courland. In 1861-66, St. Petersburg governor-general (in the meantime a member of State council since 1861). Suvorov petitioned for the release of the arrested members of students riots in the fall of 1861, and took part in putting out fires in May of 1862 (at the same time he positively refused to "punish" supposed incendiaries); he made significant donations for the restoration of Apraxin Dvor. Due to Suvorov's efforts a part of Yusupovsky Garden passed into the ownership of the city. Socially he was justly known as a humanist and liberal. He was transferred from his post after D.V. Karakozov's attempt upon the life of emperor Alexander II. Suvorov was a chairman of the Empress Maria Fedorovna's Establishments Board of Trustees, a chairman of the Society for Protection of Animals, a member of the Council of Imperial Philantropic Society. A joint owner of the mansion on 48 Bolshaya Morskaya Street. Suvorov was buried at Troitse-Serghieva Hermitage near St. Petersburg (the tomb was not preserved). The name of Suvorov was given to the 6th block of Vasilievsky Island (1863).

References: Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская и полицейская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001. С. 134-139.

D. N. Shilov.

Alexander II, Emperor
Karakozov Dmitry Vladimirovich
Suvorov Alexander Arkadievich, Count
Suvorov Alexander Vasilievich, Count

Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 48

Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001

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