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Entries / Averchenko A.T. (1881-1925), writer

Averchenko A.T. (1881-1925), writer

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Personalia

AVERCHENKO Arkady Timofeevich (1881-1925), writer, playwright, theatre critic. He started writing in 1903. From 1907 he lived in St. Petersburg: worked for Svobodnaya mysl newspaper and Strekoza magazine. In 1908 he headed Satyrikon journal (from 1913 Novy Satyrikon), where he published various humorous stories, feuilletons, theatrical and artistic reviews under different pen-names. Averchenko's writings were very popular; numerous collections of his stories were republished repeatedly. Some stories were staged in Petersburg theatres. After the publication of Circles on Water and Tales for Convalescents in 1912 Averchenko was called the King of Laughter; his humour was associated with the tradition of Mark Twain, O. Henry and Anton Chekhov. In 1918 he went to the South of Russia, occupied by Whites, and organised his own theatre. From 1920 he lived abroad, where he published A Dozen of Knives in the Back of Revolution pamphlet collection (1921). From 1922 he lived in Prague, where he published several collections of stories, A Joke for the Patron of Arts novel (1925). In St. Petersburg he lived at 15-17 Troitskaya Street (today Rubinsteina Street).

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M. V. Zakharova.

Averchenko Arkady Timofeevich
Chekhov Anton Pavlovich
O.Henry (real name Porter William Sidney)
Teffi Nadezhda Alexandrovna
Twain Mark

Rubinsteina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 15-17

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