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Entries / Lermontov M.Y. (1814-1841), poet

Lermontov M.Y. (1814-1841), poet

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LERMONTOV Mikhail Yurievich (1814-1841), poet, prose writer, playwright. The descendant of G. Lermont, an immigrant from Scotland. Without graduating from Moscow University, Lermontov came to St. Petersburg for the first time in 1832, entered the school of Guards Sergeants and Cavalry Cadets, which he left with the rank of a cornet in 1834. The poem Death of the Poet (1837, occasioned by the death of A.S.Pushkin) brought Lermontov not only literary fame but also an arrest and transfer to the Caucases. In 1838 he returned to St. Petersburg, where he stayed until February 1840, when he again was exiled to the Caucasus for participating in a duel; Lermontov's last visit of St. Petersburg was in February - April 1841. His works appeared in Petersburg journals Sovremennik (the poem Borodino, 1837, etc.), Otechestvennye Zapiski (here the majority of life-time publications of Lermontov's works appeared: poem Meditation, 1839, Gratitude, 1840, How often in a motley crowd..., 1840, Motherland, 1841, etc.; separate short stories of the novel A Hero of Our Time, etc.); a regular visitor of Petersburg literary salons of the Karamzins, A.O. Smirnova-Rosset, Count M.Y. Vielgorsky, Count A.G. Laval and Countess I.S. Laval and others. In St. Petersburg the only life-time verse collections of Lermontov's poems Poems by Mikhail Lermontov (1840) and two editions of A Hero of Our Time (1840 and 1841) were issued. In Lermontov's works, that developed in the traditions of the Romanticism, the opposition of prim and prudish St. Petersburg and hospitable and hearty Moscow is distinctly outlined. The unfinished novel Princess Ligovskaya, the story Shtoss and the drama Masquerade are rich in Petersburg realities. The main addresses of Lermontov in St. Petersburg are 10/8 B. Masterskaya Street (today Lermontovsky Avenue), 61 Sadovaya Street (memorial plaque), 20 Sergievskaya Street (today Tchaikovskogo Street). After Lermontov an avenue and a lane, several streets in Pavlovsk, Krasnoselsky District and Kolpinsky District, and the Bridge across Obvodny Canal have been named. The name of the poet was given to the Central District Library of Central District. A bust to Lermontov was placed in the Alexander Garden (1896, sculptor V.P. Creitan, architect N.V. Maximov), and the monument to him was mounted at 54 Lermontovsky Avenue, in front of the building of the former Nikolaevsky Cavalry School (1916, sculptor B.M. Mikeshin). Lermontov's manuscript, his drawings, etc. are treasured in the Lermontovsky Hall of the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

References: Лермонтовская энциклопедия. М., 1981; Мануйлов В. А., Назарова Л. Н. Лермонтов в Петербурге. Л., 1984.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Creitan (Cretan) P.
Karamzina Ekaterina Andreevna
Laval Alexandra Grigoryevna, Countess
Laval Ivan Stepanovich, Count
Lermont Georg
Lermontov Mikhail Yurievich
Maximov N.V.
Mikeshin Boris Mikhailovich
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Smirnova-Rosset Alexandra Osipovna
Vielgorsky Mikhail Yurievich

Lermontova Street/Pavlovsk, town
Lermontovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 8/10
Lermontovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 54
Lermontovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 61
Tchaikovskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 20

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Лермонтовская энциклопедия. М., 1981
Мануйлов В. А., Назарова Л. Н. Лермонтов в Петербурге. Л., 1984

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