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Entries / Zvezda (The Star), journal

Zvezda (The Star), journal

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ZVEZDA (The Star) (20 Mokhovaya Street), a monthly literary and socio-political independent journal. It was founded in 1924, with I. M. Maysky as its first editor. In 1920-40 the journal published works of many prominent writers and poets including: Аnna Akhmatova, Olga Bergholz, Y. P. German, Мaxim Gorky, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Vera Inber, V. А. Kaverin, V. F. Panova, А. N. Tolstoy, N. S. Tikhonov, Y. N. Tynyanov, K. А. Fedin, Olga Forsh et al. It was the journal of the USSR Union of Writers. In August 1946 the journal was subjected to harsh criticism in A. A. Zhdanov's speech and in the resolution of the All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) Central Committee on the journals Zvezda and Leningrad (see Leningrad, journal), primarily for the publication of Akhamotova's and Zoshchenko's works (countermanded by the resolution of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee from 20 October 1988). Since the late 1980s the journal claimed again the leading position in the literary world. Works of the third wave of emigration authors, (among others I. А. Brodsky, Sergey Dovlatov), contemporary Petersburg authors, articles of prominent critics and literature theorists appear in the journal. Thematic issues devoted to a particular writer and his works, historic events, and containing publications, memoirs and scientific articles regularly appear in the journal. Traditionally, considerable attention is paid to publications from the foreign and Russian archives. The editorial board also engages in publishing, organises literary events, scientific conferences (a number of international conferences devoted to Brodsky were held here). А. Y. Aryev and Y. A Gordin are the journal's co-editors. Circulation 10,000 copies (2003).

Reference: Журналистика и критика [20-х, 30-х, 40-х-нач. 50-х гг.] // История русской советской литературы, 1917-1965: В 4 т. 2-е изд., испр. и доп. М., 1967-1968. Т. 1-3.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Abaza Alexander Aggeevich
Akhmatova Anna Andreevna
Aryev Andrey Yurievich
Bergholz Olga Fedorovna
Brodsky Iosif Alexandrovich
Dovlatov Sergey Donatovich
Fedin Konstantin Alexandrovich
Forsh Olga Dmitrievna
German Yury Pavlovich
Gordin Yakov Arkadievich
Gorky Maxim (Alexey Maximovich Peshkov)
Inber Vera Mikhailovna
Kaverin Veniamin Alexandrovich
Maysky Ivan Mikhailovich
Panova Vera Fedorovna
Tikhonov Nikolay Semenovich
Tolstoy Alexey Nikolaevich
Tynyanov Yury Nikolaevich
Zhdanov Andrey Alexandrovich
Zoschenko Mikhail Mikhailovich

Mokhovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 20

Журналистика и критика [20-х, 30-х, 40-х - нач. 50-х гг.] // История русской советской литературы, 1917-1965: В 4 т. 2-е изд., испр. и доп. М., 1967-1968

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Leningrad, journal


Akhmatova A.A. (1889-1966), poet

AKHMATOVA Anna Andreevna (nee Gorenko) (1889-1966), poet, Honorary Doctor of Oxford University (1965). She spent her childhood (until 1905) in Tsarskoe Selo (the corner of Shirokaya Street and Bezymyanny Lane

Dudin M.A. (1916-1993), poet

DUDIN Mikhail Alexandrovich (1916-1993, St. Petersburg), poet, public figure. In 1937 entered the evening department of Faculty of Literature of the Ivanov Pedagogical Institute; in 1939 he was conscripted into the Army

German Y.P. (1910-1967), writer

GERMAN Yury Pavlovich (1910-1967, Leningrad), prose and script writer. Together with his father, an artillery officer, he survived the Civil War, finished school in Kursk. In Leningrad from 1929, studied at the Drama School

Konetsky V.V. (1929-2002), writer

KONETSKY Viktor Viktorovich (1929, Leningrad - 2002, St. Petersburg) writer. He survived the first winter of the siege in Leningrad and was evacuated together with his mother and brother in the spring of 1942

Leningrad Affair

LENINGRAD AFFAIR, the term for a series of political processes that arose over the course of an internal party fight for power between G.M. Malenkov and L.P. Beria, and between A.A. Zhdanov and A.A. Kuznetsov

Leningrad, journal

LENINGRAD, throughout different periods several journals circulated in the city under this name.1) From 1922 until 1925 - a bi-weekly illustrated literary and political journal (until 1924 was called Petrograd)

Literary journals (entry)

LITERARY JOURNALS. The genesis of the Russian literary journalism is associated with St. Petersburg, where in 1728-36 and 1738-42 circulated first and only journal in the Russian language at that time - Primechaniya k Vedomostyam (the name changed)

Mokhovaya Street

MOKHOVAYA STREET (until 1826 - Khamovaya Street or Khamovskaya Street), between Tchaikovskogo Street and Belinskogo Street. It was built up in the settlement of weavers ("khamovnik" - hence the first name)

Neva, journal

NEVA (3 Nevsky Prospect), a monthly illustrated literary journal, founded in 1955 as an organ of the Leningrad Writers' Organisation by A. I. Chernenko who became its first editor; later the journal was edited by S. I. Voronin, followed by А. F

Pravda, Printing House

PRAVDA (14 Sotsialisticheskaya Street), a printing house, open joint-stock company. It originates from Khudozhestvennaya Pechat, P. V. Berezin's printing house founded in 1906, which specialised in newspapers

Saint Petersburg Literature and Arts Archives

SAINT PETERSBURG LITERATURE AND ARTS ARCHIVES, Central State (TsGALI SPb) (34 Shpalernaya Street), formed in 1969 on the base of the Central State Archives of the October Revolution of Leningrad

Salons, Circles and Literary Gatherings (Entry)

SALONS, CIRCLES AND LITERARY GATHERINGS. During the 18th century regular gatherings of writers were uncommon, but those that there were portrayed different stylistic and philosophic positions

Tikhonov N.S. (1896-1979), writer

TIKHONOV Nikolay Semenovich (1896, St. Petersburg - 1979), poet, prose writer, public figure, hero of Socialist Labour (1966). He held the post of a secretary of the Writers Union of the USSR (from 1944). He graduated from St

Zabolotsky N.A. (1903-1958), poet

ZABOLOTSKY Nikolay Alexeevich (1903-1958), poet, translator. In Petrograd from 1921. Graduated from Faculty of Social Economy (Department of Language and Literature) of the Herzen Leningrad State Pedagogic Institute (1925)

Zoshchenko M.M. (1894-1958), writer

ZOSHCHENKO Mikhail Mikhailovich (1895, St. Petersburg - 1958, Sestroretsk), writer. Studied at the Eighth Gymnasium, then at the Faculty of Law of Petersburg University (dismissed for non-payment)