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Entries / Altman N.I. (1889-1970), artist

Altman N.I. (1889-1970), artist

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

ALTMAN Natan Isaevich (1889-1970, Leningrad), painter, graphic artist, and sculptor, recognised as an honoured painter of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1968. He studied at the Odessa Drawing School in 1902-07 and M. Vasilyeva's Russian Academy in Paris in 1910-11. He lived at 4 First Line of Vasilievsky Island in Petrograd from 1916 to 1921 and 61 Lesnoy Avenue from 1936, Moscow in 1921-28, and Paris in 1928-35. In his early works, such as the Portrait of A. A. Akhmatova painted in 1914 and exhibited in the State Russian Museum, he was influenced by cubism and other contemporary trends of the time. He took part in the exhibitions of the World of Art in 1913-16, the Union of Youth in 1913-14, the Knave of Diamonds in 1916, etc. He was a teacher in the Petrograd State Training Workshops in 1918-21. He took part in decorating revolutionary festivals held in Petrograd in 1918 and Moscow in 1921-28. He also drew pictures for porcelains and postage stamps. He was chiefly engaged in scenery from 1935, painting scenes for Shakespeare's Othello in 1944 and Hamlet in 1954 for the Pushkin Drama Theatre in Leningrad; in iconography, he illustrated Nikolay Gogol's Tales of St. Petersburg, works by Sholom-Aleykhem, E. Zola, etc.; and sculpture. He was buried at Komarovskoe Cemetery.

Reference: Эфрос А. М. Портрет Натана Альтмана. М., 1922; Эткинд М. Г. Натан Альтман. М., 1971.

A. V. Krusanov.

Akhmatova Anna Andreevna
Altman Natan Isaevich
Efros Abram Markovich
Gogol Nikolay Vasilievich
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Shakespeare William
Sholom-Aleykhem (real name Rabinovich Sholom Nokhumovich)
Vasilyeva (nee Rozhdestvenskaya) Margarita Vasilievna
Zola Emile

1st Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 4
Lesnaya Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 61

Эфрос А. М. Портрет Натана Альтмана. М., 1922
Эткинд М. Г. Натан Альтман. М., 1971

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