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Entries / Konashevich V.M., (1888-1963), Artist

Konashevich V.M., (1888-1963), Artist

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

KONASHEVICH Vladimir Mikhailovich (1888-1963, Leningrad) was a graphic artist, honoured worker of art of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1945). He studied at the Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1908-13) under K. A. Korovin, S. V. Malyutin and L. O. Pasternak. He lived in Petrograd from 1915. He taught at the Academy of Arts (1921-30 and 1944-48). He was a member of the association World of Art (1922-24). Continuing the traditions of book illustrations developed by the World of Art, he created his own style of children's illustrations which was marked by decorative expressiveness, emotionality, special poetic fantasy and humour (books: Fire by S. Y. Marshak, 1923; Miracle-Tree, 1926, and Fairy Tales by K. I. Chukovsky, 1935; Fairy Tales by H. C. Andersen, 1950; Fairy Tales by A. S. Pushkin, 1963). He also illustrated books for grown-ups (Manon Leskaut by A. Prevost, 1931). He painted easel still lives and landscapes, including colour lithographs and drawings in pen devoted to Pavlovsk (the 1920-30s; the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery). He lived in Pavlovsk until 1942, then at 12 Mokhovaya Street, where a memorial plaque is located. He was buried at Bogoslovskoe Cemetery.

Works: About Myself and Affairs: Memoirs, Articles, Letters. Moscow, 1968.

References: Молок Ю. А. Владимир Михайлович Конашевич. Л., 1969.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Andersen Hans Christian
Chukovsky Korney Ivanovich
Konashevich Vladimir Mikhailovich
Korovin Konstantin Alexeevich
Malyutin Sergey Vasilievich
Marshak Samuil Yakovlevich
Pasternak Leonid Osipovich
Prevost d'Exiles, Antoine-Francois
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich

Mokhovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 12

Молок Ю. А. Владимир Михайлович Конашевич. Л., 1969
О себе и своем деле: Врспоминания. Статьи. Письма. М., 1968

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