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Entries / Scotti D.B., (1776 -1830), artist

Scotti D.B., (1776 -1830), artist

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

SCOTTI Giovanni Batista (Ivan Karlovich) (1776-1830, St. Petersburg), master of monumental decorative Classical painting. Studied under his father, Karl Scotti, a native of northern Italy, with whom he worked from 1786 until the 19th century, when he became independent. In 1799 he began working with the greatest architects from the capital. In 1803-08 he made decorative landscape panels for Pavlovsk Palace. The bloom of his creativity took place in the 1820-30s. Scotti's style developed from a strict and monochrome Empire towards a bright and complex Eclecticism. He painted the interiors of the Tauride Palace (1817), the Elagin Palace (1821-22), the Mikhailovsky Palace (1824-25, with brother Pietro Scotti), the Winter Palace (1827-28), several private houses (the Ilyin's house, 1807; the Bobrinsky Palace, 1825), as well as public buildings, including the Main Admiralty (the 1810s), the Columnar Hall of the Mining Institute (1823-24), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1828). Some of his last works were sketches of reliefs for the pedestal of the Alexander Column. He was buried at Volkovskoe Lutheran Cemetery (grave not preserved).

References: Русское искусство второй половины XVIII-первой половины XIX века: Материалы и исслед. М., 1979. С. 69-107; Швейцарцы в Петербурге: Сб. ст. СПб., 2002. С. 202-210.

V. V. Antonov.

Scotti Carlo
Scotti Giovanni Batista (Ivan Karlovich)
Scotti Pietro
the Bobrinskys, Counts

Швейцары в Петербурге: Сб. ст. СПб., 2002
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