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Entries / Ginzburg I.Y., (1859-1939), sculptor

Ginzburg I.Y., (1859-1939), sculptor

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

Ginzburg Ilya Yakovlevich (1859, St. Petersburg - 1939), sculptor. Pupil, then friend of M.M. Antokolsky from 1871. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1872. Studied at the Academy of Arts (1878-86). In 1911 became a member of the academy. From 1918 he led the sculpture workshop, and from 1921-23 was the dean of the Sculpture Faculty of the Academy of Arts. He made a series of portrait statuettes depicting cultural and artistic figures at work, including Leo Tolstoy (1891), I.I. Shishkin (1892), V.V. Vereshchagin (1892), I.E. Repin (1897, 1925), A.G. Rubinstein (1898), and V.I. Surikov (1914), all in the State Russian Museum; and genre sculptures on subject matter from children's lives, such as A Young Musician (1890, the State Russian Museum). He produced monuments throughout St. Petersburg (Leningrad) to Leo Tolstoy (1911, The Library of Polytechnic Institute), G.V. Plekhanov (installed in 1925 near the building of Technological Institute), D.I. Mendeleev (1932, at the building of Meteorological Scientific Research Institute), as well as grave monuments at the Necropolis of Artists to M.P. Mussorgsky (1885), V.V. Stasov (1908), and at the Jewish Cemetery for M.M. Antokolsky (1909). He was the author of On My Life, a memoir (St. Petersburg, 1908). In the 1920-30s he lived at 5 Pisareva Street. He was buried at Necropolis of Artists.

References: Скульптор Илья Гинцбург: Воспоминания. Статьи. Письма. Л., 1964.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Antokolsky Mark Matveevich
Ginzburg Ilya Yakovlevich
Mendeleev Dmitry Ivanovich
Mussorgsky Modest Petrovich
Plekhanov Georgy Valentinovich
Repin Ilya Efimovich
Rubinstein Anton Grigorievich
Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich
Stasov Vladimir Vasilievich
Surikov Vasily Ivanovich
Tolstoy Lev Nikolaevich, Count
Vereschagin Vasily Vasilievich

Pisareva St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 5

Скульптор Илья Гинцбург: Воспоминания. Ст. Письма. Л., 1964

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