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Art Festivals (entry)

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ART FESTIVALS are demonstrations of progress in different fields of art. As a rule, they are periodic and held simultaneously in several city venues. The oldest festival in St. Petersburg is the Annual White Nights Event (1958-1990s, until 1963 - Leningrad, until 1991 - All-Union) presenting music, opera and ballet art. Later, other musical festivals organized, including Leningrad Musical Spring (since 1964, today, St. Petersburg Musical Spring), author's song festival Topos (since 1968), jazz music festival Autumn Rhythms (1978-93), Leningrad Rock Festival (from 1983) et al. The bloom of the festival was due to the state authorities, public organizations and private individuals’ participation in the 1990s. As of 2002, St. Petersburg hosted about 50 annual art festivals, including the festivals of music and choreography: The Stars of White Nights (since 1993), St. Petersburg Palaces (since 1993), Sound Ways (since 1990), Old Music (since February, 1996), Musical Olympus (since 1996), Jazz Spring in St. Petersburg (since 1996), and The Arts Square (since 1999); festivals of music and arts: From Avant-garde to Today (since 1991) and Master-Class (from 1993); arts festivals: The Experiment of Arts and Performance (since 1996, once every two years); theatre festival: Baltiisky Dom (since 1991); ballet festival: Mariinsky (since 2001); film festivals: A Message to Man (since 1989) and The Festival of Festivals (since 1993); literature and music festival: Pushkin - Petersburg (since 1994); photo festival: Autumn Photo Marathon (since 1998); and humour and satire festival: Zolotoy Ostap (since 1993). The annual Easter Music Festival has been held since 1992. Art festivals support social and state initiatives aimed at developing and encouraging all arts in St. Petersburg and promoting the city's culture internationally.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

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