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Entries / Lopukhov F.V., (1886-1973), choreographer

Lopukhov F.V., (1886-1973), choreographer

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

LOPUKHOV Fedor Vasilievich (1886, St. Petersburg - 1973, Leningrad), ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher, people's artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1956). A student of N. G. Legat, he graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School in 1906. He was a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre in 1905-09 and 1911-22. He then worked as the art director of the ballet company in Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre in 1922-30, 1944-45, and 1951-56, founded and headed a company in the Maly Opera Theatre (see Mussorgsky Opera and Ballet Theatre) in 1931-35, was the art director of the Leningrad Choreographic School (see Academy of Russian Ballet) in 1937-41 arranged a choreography course, and finally founded and headed a choreography department in the Conservatory in 1962. He created such ballets as Grandeur of the Universe based on L. Beethoven's music in 1923, V. M. Deshevov's Red Whirlwind in 1924, I. F. Stravinsky's Pulcinella in 1926, Ice Maiden based on E. Grieg's music in 1927, D. D. Shostakovich's Bright Brook in 1935, Spring Fairy Tale based on P. I. Tchaikovsky's music in 1947, etc. Experimenting with choreography, he created the first plotless ballet based on symphonic music, also known as symphony ballet, and invented a choreographic performance that synthesised singing and clowning, etc. Lopukhov's ballets featured E. I. Vill, E. P. Gerdt, O. P. Mungalova, P. A. Gusev, E. M. Lyukom, B. V. Shavrov, L. S. Leontyev, V. M. Chabukiani, and N. M. Dudinskaya. He had V. А. Varkovitsky, B. А. Fenster, G. D. Alexidze, N. N. Boyarchikov, and G. R. Zamuel among his students. He lived at 2 Zodchego Rossi Street. He was buried at Literatorskie Mostki.

Works: Grandeur of the Universe published in Petersburg in 1922; 60 Years in Ballet published in Moscow in 1966; and Truth of Choreography published in Moscow in 1972.

Reference: Добровольская Г. Н. Федор Лопухов. Л., 1976.

G. N. Dobrovolskaya.

Alexidze Georgy Dmitrievich
Beethoven Ludwig van
Boyarchikov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich
Deshevov Vladimir Mikhailovich
Dudinskaya Natalia Mikhailovna
Fenster Boris Alexandrovich
Gerdt Elizaveta Pavlovna
Grieg Edvard
Gusev Peter Andreevich
Kirov (real name Kostrikov) Sergey Mironovich
Legat Nikolay Gustavovich
Leontyev Leonid Sergeevich
Lopukhov Fedor Vasilievich
Lyukom Elena Mikhailovna
Mungalova Olga Petrovna
Mussorgsky Modest Petrovich
Shavrov Boris Vasilievich
Shostakovich Dmitry Dmitrievich
Stravinsky Igor Fedorovich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich
Varkovitsky Vladimir Alexandrovich
Vill Elza (Elizaveta) Ivanovna
Zamuel German Rafailovich

Zodchego Rossi Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

Добровольская Г. Н. Федор Лопухов. Л., 1976
Величие мироздания. Пб., 1922
60 лет в балете. М., 1966
Хореографические откровенности. М., 1972

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