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Entries / Tsoy Viktor Robertovich (1962-1990), rock musician

Tsoy Viktor Robertovich (1962-1990), rock musician

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

TSOY Viktor Robertovich (1962, Leningrad 1990), rock musician, frontman of rock group Kino. Graduated from Technical College No. 61 (1982), worked first in the parks and gardens department, and from 1985 in a boiler-house called Kamchatka. In 1981 he performed with the rock group Garin i Giperboloidy (which later was transformed into Kino), subsequently joining the Rock Club at 13 Rubinsteina Street. Soon, Tsoy was hailed as a legend of his generation, and his songs, such as I Want Changes and A Star Named Sun, became symbols of the resistance to the empire sunk in drowsy marasmus. Kino embodied dreary, brutal, romantic Soviet punk music, a symbol of the boiler-house underground epoch, combining pretense and disarming honesty, aesthetic principles with the last surviving values of life, a gesture of vehement negation with hope. Tsoy wrote close to 300 songs. Together with Kino, he released the albums 45 (1982), The Chief of Kamchatka (1984), It's No Love (1985), Night (1986), Blood Type and A Star Named Sun (1988), and The Last Hero (released in France, 1989). Tsoy became one of the main subjects of A. E. Uchitel's documentary Rock (1986), and starred in R. Nugmanov's movie Needle (1987). He died in a car accident, and was buried at the Bogoslovskoe Cemetery.

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A. L. Porfiryeva.

Nugmanov Rashid
Tsoy Viktor Robertovich
Uchitel Alexey Efimovich

Rubinsteina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 13

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