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Composers, The Union of

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COMPOSERS, The Union of, St. Petersburg Department, a professional and creative association. It was established in 1932. By 1940, established composers such as B. V. Asafyev, V. M. Bogdanov-Berezovsky, A. P. Gladkovsky, V. M. Deshevov, A. F. Pashchenko, O. S. Chishko, Y. A. Shaporin, D. D. Shostakovich, and young musicians B. A. Arapov, B. G. Holz, I. I. Dzerzhinsky, Y. V. Kochurov, V. V. Pushkov, G. N. Popov, V. P. Solovyev-Sedoy, M. I. Chulaki et al. were among its members. Musicologist B. A. Fingert was the first chairman; he was followed by V. V. Shcherbachev (1935-37, 1944-48), I. O. Dunaevsky (1937-43), Shostakovich (1946-47), Chulaki (1947-48), Solovyev-Sedoy (1948-64), A. P. Petrov (from 1964). The following sections have been formed: the symphonic section, musical theatre, chamber and instrumental, children’s music, publicity section for the works by Leningrad composers. The Leningrad Department of the Union of Composers continued its work during the siege of 1941-44. Sections for musical studies and criticism, popular songs and folk music were established after the war. In the 1960-80s, S. P. Banevich, G. I. Banshchikov, V. E. Basner, V. A. Gavrilin, L. A. Desyatnikov, A. A. Kneifel, A. N. Kolker, S. M. Slonimsky, B. I. Tishchenko, V. A. Uspensky, G. I. Ustvolskaya, Y. A. Falik, I. I. Schwarz became members of the Leningrad Department of the Union of Composers; they played an outstanding role in the musical life of the city in the last third of the 20th century. In 2003, the Petersburg Department of the Union of Composers consists of over 210 members. The list of sections was increased with youth sections, the Association of Sound Ways and the Association of the Modern Music. Since 1964, the festival St. Petersburg Musical Spring has been held annually. Since 1989, the Children's Musical Festival has been organised which includes children's competitions: the Bruk and Taymanov memorial Competition of Piano Duets Brother and Sister and the Gavrilin Competition I Am a Composer. In the 1930s, the Leningrad Department of the Union of Composers was located at 2 Zodchego Rossi Street; from 1948, it was housed in the former mansion of Princess V. F. Gagarina at 45 Bolshaya Morskaya Street (built in the 18th century, was rebuilt in 1835-40 by architect A. A. Montferrand and in 1873-74 by architect I. V. Strom and M. E. Messmacher). It also houses the Board of Directors, the Administration of the House of Composers, a concert hall, a cinema hall, musical and book libraries, a record library, a hotel and a publishing house Kompozitor.

A. L. Porfiryeva.

Arapov Boris Alexandrovich
Asafyev Boris Vladimirovich
Banevich Sergey Petrovich
Banshchikov Gennady Ivanovich
Basner Veniamin Efimovich
Bogdanov-Berezovsky Valerian Mikhailovich
Bruk L.
Chishko Oles (Alexander) Semenovich
Chulaki Mikhail Ivanovich
Deshevov Vladimir Mikhailovich
Desyatnikov Leonid Arkadievich
Dunaevsky Isaak Osipovich
Dzerzhinsky Felix Edmundovich
Falik Yury Alexandrovich
Fingert B.A.
Gavrilin Valery Alexandrovich
Gladkovsky Arseny Pavlovich
Holz Boris Grigorievich
Kneifel Alexander Aronovich
Kochurov Yury Vladimirovich
Kolker Alexander Naumovich A3570
Pashchenko Andrey Filippovich
Petrov Andrey Pavlovich
Popov Gavriil Nikolaevich
Pushkov Venedikt Venediktovich
Schwarz Isaak Iosifovich
Shaporin Yury Alexandrovich
Shcherbachev Vladimir Vladimirovich
Shostakovich Dmitry Dmitrievich
Slonimsky Sergey Mikhailovich
Solovyev-Sedoy (real name Solovyev) Vasily Pavlovich
Taymanov Mark Evgenievich
Tishchenko Boris Ivanovich
Uspensky Vladislav Alexandrovich
Ustvolskaya Galina Ivanovna

Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 45
Zodchego Rossi Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

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Siege of 1941-44
Petersburg Musical Spring, festival

Asafyev B. V. , (1884-1949) music theorist and composer

ASAFYEV Boris Vladimirovich (penname Igor Glebov) (1884, St. Petersburg - 1949), music theorist, composer, People"s Artist of the USSR (1946), member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946)

Demidov's Houses

DEMIDOV’S HOUSES (43-45 Bolshaya Morskaya Street), architectural monuments. Two houses situated on these plots were built in the 1740s, and in 1835-40, reconstructed by architect A.A. Montferrand for P.N. Demidov, who was a mine owner

Dunaevsky I.O., (1900-1955), composer

DUNAEVSKY Isaak Osipovich (1900-1955), composer, pianist, director of music and theatrical groups, people's artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1950). Graduated from Kharkov Conservatory, he lived in Leningrad in 1929-41

Music Societies and Circles (general)

MUSICAL SOCIETIES AND CIRCLES, official associations of music lovers with their own charters and rights to hold public concerts and other activities. There were two associations founded in the last third of the 18th century: the Music Club (1772-77)

Petersburg Musical Spring, festival

PETERSBURG MUSICAL SPRING (until 1991, the Leningrad Musical Spring), annual musical festival held since 1964, organised by the St. Petersburg Branch of the Composers Union

Solovyev-Sedoy V.P., (1907-1979), composer

SOLOVYEV-SEDOY (real last name Solovyev) Vasily Pavlovich (1907, St. Petersburg - 1979, Leningrad), composer, People's Artist of the USSR (1967), Hero of Socialist Labour (1975). Graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory studying composition under P