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Studio of Documentary Films

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STUDIO OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS, St. Petersburg (12 Kryukov Canal Embankment), one of the largest documentary film studios in the country. Founded in 1918 as part of the Petrograd Cinema Committee, reorganised later on into Sevzapkino Cinema Factory's newsreel department. It was transformed again into the Leningrad Newsreel Studio in 1932, modelling itself on the Soyuzkino Leningrad Cinema Factory, and finally into the Leningrad Studio of Documentary Films in 1968. Many of its films were awarded prizes at the All-Union and International Film Festivals and State Prizes of the USSR and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. The studio hosted various directors at various times, including R. L. Karmen, E. Y. Uchitel, L. S. Cherentsov, S. D. Aranovich, P. S. Kogan, L. I. Stanukinas, I. P. Kalinina, M. S. Litvyakov, A. N. Sokurov, and N. V. Obukhovich. The studio's works represent a specific Leningrad (St. Petersburg) school of documentary films. Today the studio is involved in holding Message to Man, an annual international film festival.

Reference: Слово документалистам // Ленинградский экран: Ст. Творч. портреты. Интервью. Публикации. Л., 1979; Муратов Л. Г. Экран судьбы // Искусство Ленинграда. 1991. № 5. С. 68-78.

N. B. Volman.

Aranovich Semen Davidovich
Cherentsov Lev Sergeevich
Kalinina Irina Pavlovna
Karmen Roman Lazarevich
Kogan Pavel Simonovich
Litvyakov M.S.
Obukhovich Nikolay Vladimirovich
Sokurov Alexander Nikolaevich
Stanukinas Lyudmila Igorevna
Uchitel Efim Yulievich

Kryukova Canal Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 12

Слово — документалистам // Ленинградский экран: Статьи. Творч. портр. Интервью. Публикации. Л., 1979

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Lenfilm, Film Studio

Aranovich S.D., (1934-1996), film director

ARANOVICH Semen Davidovich (1934-1996), film director, People’s Artist of Russia (1994). Graduated as a director from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in 1965


CINEMA. The first Russian cinema show was held on 4 May 1896 at Aquarium, a St. Petersburg entertainment venue, showing the Brothers Lumiere's program of films

Kryukov Canal

KRYUKOV CANAL runs from the Admiralty Canal by Truda Square to the Fontanka River. 1015 meters long, it was dug from the Neva River to the Moika River in 1719-20 and was named after the contractor Semen Kyukov in 1738 (the section from the Neva to

Uchitel E. Y. (1913-1988), film director

UCHITEL Efim Yulievich (1913-1988, Leningrad), documentary film director, script writer, cameraman, People’s Artist of the USSR (1976). After graduating as a cameraman from the Leningrad Institute of Motion-Picture Engineers in 1935 he worked at the