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Smolny, State Museum

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SMOLNY, Historic-Memorial State Museum (3 Proletarskoy Diktatury Square). The V. I. Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya Memorial Museum-Room was opened in 1927 in the building of the former Smolny Institute. V. I. Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya lived there from October 1917 up to the relocation of the Soviet government to Moscow on 10 March, 1918. Lenin's Memorial Study was included in the structure of the museum in 1974. The St. Petersburg V. I. Lenin Memorial Museum was established in 1992 on the base of the Leningrad Branch of the Central V. I. Lenin Museum, which was dissolved in 1991. The museum has had its present-day name since 1996. Among exhibitions that were opened in the renovated museum and memorial rooms were Smolny Institute - the First Ever Russian Women's Educational Institution; Smolny in Documents and Photos; Activities of the First Soviet Government (October 1917 - March 1918); Smolny - Days of the Siege. The museum's branches include the Elizarov Museum-Flat (52 Lenina Street, flat 24); and the Alliluevs Museum-Flat (17 Tenth Sovetskaya Street, flat 20).

References: Музеи Санкт-Петербурга и Ленинградской области: Справ. СПб., 2002. С. 107-111.

A. D. Margolis.

Krupskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna
Lenin (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
the Alliluevs
the Elizarovs

10th Sovetskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 17, litera кв. 20
Lenina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 52, litera кв. 24
Proletarskoy Diktatury Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3

Музеи Санкт-Петербурга и Ленинградской области: Справ. СПб., 2002

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Smolny Institute
The Elisarovs' museum apartment

Lenin Museum

LENIN MUSEUM, operated in 1937-92 (until 1990 the museum was the Leningrad branch of the Central Lenin Museum in Moscow) in the Marble Palace, where by the early 1990s 34 halls showed over 10,000 various exhibits

S. M. Kirov Museum

S. M. KIROV MUSEUM (26-28 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue), memorial museum, a branch of the State Museum of St. Petersburg History. It was founded in 1938 by the resolution of the Leningrad City and Regional Party committee of the All-Union Communist Party

The Elisarovs' museum apartment

THE ELIZAROVS' MUSEUM APARTMENT (52/24 Lenin Street), a branch of Smolny History Memorial Museum. It was opened in 1927 as V. I. Lenin’s memorial apartment museum known under its present name since 1990